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I was talking to a big Big Will fan in Stockholm... he said he had heard Will battling some guy called Wyclef (just for fun) or somethin like that back in Stockholm year 2002 or so... Ive never seen Will battling but it seems to be true... Will apparantly made some strange line (translated from the swedish version my friend told me) "Some people take black for apes and then take me as a chimp cuz im blacker than you ever will be Vanilla Wycleaf" and they both started laughing...

Could this be true?

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hahaha... vem sa det?

I know that guy. really well. y'all dudes from the willsmith.net period remember who that guy is..

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I'ma tell the truth. It was at a celibrity guest thingy. Will was over here promoting MIB2 and born to reign. he did a couple of songs over here.

Later that night there was this party going on, accidently Wyclef was in town the same day doing his thing. Well me and 3 girls 2 other guys had won this competition on a radiostation called NRJ. You won a ticket to the premiere of mib2 and u got to go to this party. It was fun, i really don't like swedish celebritys, they put this act on whenever someone famous comes in town.

So I got to "meet" Will, we said hi and we got to shake his hand. and that was it. they were mingleling and so. So we were all surprised when wyclef and will went up on the stage and had this battle going on, it was a playful battle. nothing serious, remember people liking will better though =).

And yeah, I got to meet the swedish princess!

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Yeah fugees were huge. Lauryn hill is one of the best female mc's/singers out there.

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