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Back Up To Number 5

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Switch has jumped up to number 5 in the UK charts

and next week download sales are included so it might go higher

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It just proves that the UK loves Big Will.

when the downloads go in, it will completely shake up the chart anybody could end up at number 1

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Thats pretty surprising actually

It is pretty surprising, cos not many songs climb. I said it'd stick around for a while but its going better than i planned already.

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but do you know whta sucks?? lost and found droped from 15 to 25......man I can't understand why but ok...let's see how it goes next week.

Thats quite natural mate, Albums tend to sell more copies in there first week than 2nd. Lost & Found will probably not rise again until a new video hits the TV or a track hits the radio. Lost & Found will be back in the top 20 when Tell Me Why drops, and will probably linger long term after that like BWS did for ages.

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I knew this would happen

Even though Will has made a genious album he doesn't have enough fans left for it to sell good

and no one who isnt a fan is gonna go and buiy it cuz they have the impression that will smith sucks

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