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wich rapper?

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Public Enemy(that "Mr. Nice Guy" sounds like a PE beat, they should do a remix)


LL Cool J



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Man, that's a lot of suggestions here. Mind if I give you my two cents on all the rappers listed?

NOTE: Before I begin, I like to take the opportunity to disclose a disclaimer. I am not an expert on collaborations, but I am able to interpret the vibe of what it'd be like if it were to happen. Please understand that these are my interpretations, and they can be reviewed in any way, but not to be taken seriously. I've dealt with such harsh criticism on the past with The Ultimate Rant on a forum I will leave anonymous (where are you, pmak!?) And I can deal with it again, if I have to.

> Nas

Nas already collaborated with Will on a few songs back in his Big Willie Style album, but only as a writer. He's credited on the insert as Nasir Jones, if you're curious.

Good choice there. That could happen.

> P. Diddy

Actually, it would have been his first rap protege, The Notorious B.I.G., that could have knocked the track down. His crafty wordplay and lyricism would have done the collabo justice. Plus, it'd show love to Brooklyn and the rest of New York, proving that Will is able to collaborate with other artists. Whether he'd do it or not would be the defining moment of his career.

> LL Cool J

Smooth, sexy love track - or, possible co-star on a summer flick? You decide.

I don't mind either.

> Common

That's a long shot. Especially with conscious rap. But believe it or not - I can see that happening. Kanye or No I.D. would have to handle the production and its direction of where the track would go, though.

> Kanye West

Will said he'd love to collaborate with Kanye cause of his honesty in his lyrics. I can see that happening in two forms: production-wise ance rap-wise. But there may be a curse word or two since Kanye does apply profanity in some of his tracks. Recall Jesus Walks. If it had been clean of profanity, it would have been classified a Christian rap track. Think about it.

> Queen Latifah

Stop right there. Will is able to work with any female artist from any genre. Period. If he did a Korean version of a certain single, for example, I would have picked BoA.

I don't know who'd he picked. I'm just all anime, baby.

> Heavy D

I've not heard from him for a long time, so I can't give a good interpretation. Sorry.

> Talib Kweli

This one's a little tricky. If he had Mos Def and paired up as Black Star, there'd be a little bit of confusion. I don't know how to describe this collabo; I'll have to let a true expert figure that one out.

> De La Soul

Tough one. Daisy revolution on top of a Jazzy Jeff production would work. Otherwise, it's pretty iffy.

> Nitty

New artist. Can't help you on that. Sorry.

> Nick Cannon

Let's see: he remade Parent's Just Don't Understand with 3LW and Lil' Romeo (the song was clean), he worked with some of the top and raunchy artists in the game (think Ying Yang Twins), and he just released a single with E-40 and Bosko (She's All Mine). Contrary to my belief, this is gonna be an interesting pair.

> Redman

Too hardcore for his taste. Same if he were to pick Method Man, or even the two of them together. However, with the Big Pun/Cam'ron/R.O.C. remix now past the obsoleet label (because of this website and WinMX), this one can work. He's gonna have to get used to their profanity plays, however. For Method Man, look up The Notorious B.I.G.'s "The What." I don't have much expertize on Redman, though.

> Daz Dillinger

Production-wise: Yes. He needs another west coast comrade as of this point. I like the one he did with Snoop Dogg on Pump Ya Breaks. Rapping is gonna be a different story. They say his lyrics are easily matched to Master P. That was the last straw for me.

You know what: it wouldn't hurt if he were to work with Kurupt or Roscoe. They're both Philly-natives who grew onto the Cali life style, and in my mind, I can see that happening. If I were to give advice to Kurupt, however, I'd be careful on how far you'd go into the pop genre.

> Kel Spencer

What happened to him? I need to here a bit more of him, cause when I first heard of Kel on Uuhhh, I felt a spark was about to ignite.

> Ludacris

Will and Ludacris? Another good choice.

> Twista

Yes and no. One has to do with his speedy flow, the other with the ability to blend. Personally, I've never even heard of a Will Smith song where his rhyming speed is as close to Busta Rhymes or any member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

> Q-Tip (A Tribe Called Quest)

Old school. All the way. Bring Phife if you have to.

> Chuck D (Public Enemy)

Sorry. Too political for his taste.

> 2Pac

You know what? 2Pac needs Will Smith. It's his last album, and if he were alive, he would have done a movie with him. Maybe not Bad Boys (leave that to Martin Lawrence), but something where the genres aren't necessarily overlooked. Know what I mean?

Please re-read the line: would have.

> Pete Rock

Didn't he produce a track with Will as the Fresh Prince back then?


Another trip to the old school.

> Aceyalone

I don't know who he is, so I'll need to hear from him before I can make my final assumption.

> I actually agree with Lerkot on this one, I don't particularly like it when Will does collaborations, apart from with Jeff of course. It's like I think nobody else is good enough to be on a track with Will

It's not that. It's because people think of him as a squeaky-clean lyricist: he has the right words, but not the words that consider him a street thug. Because he's not a street thug. Nor a gangsta.

Pimp: more of a flirt.

Hustler: take MURS' advice on this one and not Cassidy, since he never dealed dope, I only assume. I've only heard of the remix with E-40, Chingo Bling and John Cena (look it up on Limewire), so this suggestion could backfire at me any moment now.

Plus, the only profanities that he's ever used - uncensored - up til Lost and Found are the following:

- damn (a lot)

- hell (a lot)

- ass (on I Wish I Made That/Swagga)

- bitch (on You Saw My Blinker)

When I hear something like this from anybody, I end up taking their word for it. But you know what? All this I said up there:

Bull****. Will can work with anyone he chooses. Hell, I like to see him take a shot with Nate Dogg (Nate said it for him on an interview a few years back). It's all gonna depend on what the song's content and topic would be.

If I were to have Will collaborate with a rapper, it should be his rival:

Baby Bash.

Both their styles are similar: Will and Baby Bash keep it clean. Lyrically. However, it's Bash's phrasing that tends to go beyond Will's nature. He doesn't use one-worded profanities like ****, for example, it's his wordplay that best describes his raunchy-sided format.

Now, I am not putting him on the list just because I want to deminish Will or introduce a Latino rapper (mind you, Baby Bash represents and approves Pocos Pero Locos, a movement designed by KPWR 106 for Chicano and Latino rap music. He's also at the top of his game). I like Smith's choice of words: they're close to an intellectual aspect that's not far to Nas or 2Pac (or Eminem, for that matter), but what I fear is his inability to go the distance. I'm not saying to go the gangsta route or play the sell-out, I feel he just needs to improve on his stature a little bit. Keep the style and lyricism, but take it up a notch like Kanye or Common did. That would be my personal advice to Will.

Now that I think about it: anybody had Jay-Z on their mind?

(I'm gonna get kicked out for this)

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Wow, no1wammy, that must have taken you a long time to create those explanations. For the most part, they are very good and I agree with them. I personally would like to see with him Nelly, P. Diddy, Kanye, or Nas.

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"I've never even heard of a Will Smith song where his rhyming speed is as close to Busta Rhymes or any member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony."

im not sure if its close or not, but will was pretty fast on the La Fiesta track on his Willennium album... jus a thought

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Will did rap pretty fast on "Something Like Dis" btw, I think Will could really collaborate with anyone that he chooses to, he's a very versatile lyricist that could hang with any mc on a track, he could do a serious song like 'Tell Me Why' with Public Enemy , he could do a battle song with KRS-ONE , a love song with LL Cool J, etc., btw welcome to the board no1wammy, if you were curious about Kel Spencer, he's releasing a mixtape soon, hopefully Will's on there too, speaking of mixtapes, I think that'd be dope if he decides do cameos on mixtapes too.

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A Collabo with Mos Def or Jin would be dope...Both mentioned that FP is their idol!

Jin sadly retired remember? hes working on his acting carrer

On "La Fiesta" he does rap fast but what it makes it seem so fast is the quick beat behind it. But he does rap quick. Will can do anything just listen to the chorus of "Here He Comes" Is Kel Spencers Mix tape avaible in the UK? I've only heard one verse from him and thats "Uhh" and that was a tight verse.

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