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  1. That's not good to hear, I always look foward to new tupac releases. I was extremely disappointed with Loyal to the Game though, Eminem's production really wasnt very good and not deserving to be on a Tupac album, the Scott Storch track was by far the best track on the album. I was impressed by Runnin from the Ressurection soundtrack so was hoping that this album would be of similar quality. Until The End of Time & Better Dayz both had some really good tracks and were definitely worth getting. Both the recent Death Row cds (remix & live) were a complete waste of money. I would like to see a new tupac album released that is handled properly if it is to be the last.
  2. Just downloaded it, not too bad at all, I'll be looking forward to when his new album drops
  3. Cant remember, a long time, since the old sony boards used to be around.
  4. Still Tell Me Why closely followed by Lost & Found
  5. DMX Royce Da 5'9" Kanye West Dre Eminem Ice Cube
  6. Just do a search in amazon Summertime & other hits Greatest Hits
  7. damn, homebase is my favourite JJFP album
  8. I always really liked B2R, it may not have been quite as good as his other albums but it was definitely worth listening to and some some great tracks on it. My favourite tracks are Nod Ya Head/remix Block Party Nothin On My Mind Act Like You Know Born To Reign (great song but too short)
  9. Tupac Nas Immortal Technique
  10. Thanks mate ;) Gotta run to work now, will listen as soon as I get home
  11. In my car, my cd player in my room is old, need to get a new one. Mainly just listening to it while driving around ;)
  12. You Saw My Blinker He never laughs, never smiles nor sweats He doesn't breaks arms or legs, only spines or necks
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