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so who has the album now?


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Yep, got mine in the post on Saturday. I was at work when it came. Got home at 6pm and I was going out at 6.45 so I just got chance to listen to bits of some of the tracks. I got home from partying at 4.30 in the morning and had no choice but to listen to the album all the way through - twice! had two hours sleep and haven't really stopped listening to it since! It's bloody amazing! :thumb:

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:dancingcool: I got my album about an hour ago. For some reason HMV hadn't put it out yet, but i got it for £9.79 from Sainsbury's, 17 tracks plus hidden Switch Remix, can't complain.

Im really feeling it first listen. Very deep. Im one of the guys who didn't download so it was weird sticking it in the CD player not knowing what to think.

Im really liking, Lost & Found, Mr Niceguy, Loretta and Coming To The Stage, there are no fillers tho, im liking all the tracks. Wills definately done it this time

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All of you, who have the album are really lucky guys.

I'll go to the stores 2morrow but I don't think they'll have it b/c I think it will be released on May 2 like in Germany.

I got mine, and I found 1 link for you.


Check this out, a german site, also sells L&F, prince is around 17 euro orso,

and they deliver it for 2 euro, not bad, you should check it out, release date is been shown as late march, so if you order today it'll be home in 3 days so.

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