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  1. I forgot to log-in... I'm stupid, but the video was so amazin'... the entry above mine is also mine =)
  2. This is really the house of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? It looks bigger in TV and a lil' bit different...
  3. the bloodhound gang? or should I say: one hit wonder? :hmm: GO Will; GO Will!! :chuks:
  4. Very good Tim!!!! :rofl: Send it to Interscope!! :jada: :chuks:
  5. LL and Will should definitely do a track together... wait... better.... they should do a whole album together!!!!! Will and LL are my favourite rappers! I've every album from both artists!!! :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
  6. DAMN!!! THIS VIDEO IS AMAZIN'!!!! Will hits errbody :willvspaparazzi: I'll put my L&F Cd into my CD-Player, Track 02 - Party Starter!! "It's what the doctor ordered..."
  7. Thx but I already know this video... :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope:
  8. This Remix is really dope... It makes me :jazzy:
  9. short: we are the best!!! I'm really lookin' forward to Party Starter!!!
  10. C'mon guys... only one track? A whole album please =)))) Will and LL are my favourite rappers!!!
  11. Party Starter will definitely blow up the charts!! I guess No.1!!!!!!!!! What do y'all think?!
  12. Thanks bigwillfan!!!! I wanted to watch the show, a friend called me 2 go out... so I wanted to tape the show but my recorder doesn't tape the show. I don't know why. It was ****ed up, you know?! and now... you got this!!!!! YOU'RE DA MAN DOG!!!!!
  13. yo hero1, it was my fault... I already know the song you put up here on this topic.. I just knew it under another name... but thanks
  14. On the jazzyjefffreshprince.com site, new lyrics have been added. lyrics from willywood freestyle and don't hate him. my question is now: does anybody have these tracks b/c I don't know them. would be interesting
  15. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! You're right, this song is amazin'!!!! I really love it.
  16. By the way... this song ain't on the Soundtrack...
  17. hey guys!! I wanna know the title of the spanish song in Bad Boys II... Does anyone of you know this song? The song is played before the scene with Tapiar and Gabrielle Union on the beach. I hope you can help me.
  18. That's right... I'm from Austria too...
  19. yo bagotrasho I like your idea with LL Cool J.. I think Will and LL should make a song 2gether and a video, of course!!! STOP - HOLD ON They should make a whole Album 2gether - kinda like Linkin Park and Jay-Z!! This would be dope - personally for me, b/c LL and Will are my favourite rappers!!!
  20. Let's leave the haters as haters We are real Will and JJ+FP Fans!!!
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