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Next Single!

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Soo... now that almost all of us have heard the album.... what song should be the next single?

I'm thinking partystarter for the summer... would be a huge hit... And then Tell me why for the fall. Should be huge hits..

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yeah .. youre right .. id like to see a club banger for the summertime .. like 'partystarter'.. or a cool chillout tune .. like 'could you love me?'

id prefere 'could you love me?' and then .. around fall .. he should release 'tell me why'

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We dont have a real feel good track on the album, thats a slight problem when it comes to a summer track :/

haha...that's true...

I don't like could u love me so much.. Kinda done topic..

Partystarter is a real hit.. everybody i've talked to says it's crazy.

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Hasn't FP said he's already gonna release "Tell Me Why" next?


yep .. he has ..

in an interview ..

look at the mainpage:

'Second single from Lost and Found "Tell Me Why"

Will was on "This Morning" in the UK this morning and he announced Tell Me Why with Mary J Blige would be the second single. It was initially going to be the first single before

they went with Switch.

This is what Will had to say about the song "It's either tied for number one, or it's the second best record i've ever written, you know, Summertime is my all time number one record and it's either tied with that or number 2" '

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Guest Guest

I would like to release......"Tell Me Why" and "Lost And Found"

i think this one's are surely number one songs

but i don't know which one first....maybe Tell me why....with an excellent video

when this two songs will be not released.....that would be a Big Mistake

after this two songs....I chose"Pump ya brakes"

I think this album must have 5 singles

for a good bye single.....the last single should be "loretta"

when will do it like i would do it.......then i'm sure the album make triple platinum

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Lost and found ain't single material actually.. It could be lika ab-side to tellm e why

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Guest mrpeterson

Tell Me Why is a great song but I really think Will should come with Party Starter for the next single... It's close to the summer and people want something they can jam to... something for the clubs... This song would be awesome!

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