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will disses 50

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im still not sure of its true coz there has been a lot of misquoting if Will recently, but if he did thats hilarious. hes just saying what we all know hes thinking. Some1 needs to stand up against all these crap artists and Will is the man to do it.

Yeah, Will knows whats wrong and whats right because he invented this game.

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He says, "I gave in after one track. Is it or is the guy really without talent?"

What does he mean when he says "Is it"...I've been reading that over and over, I still don't get it. Is it what? :confused3:

"I gave in after one track"

After hearing one song, he thought it waz so awful that he didn't feel that the album waz even worth an honest listen.

"Is it or is the guy really without talent"

Who talkes like that?!?! FP dosen't talk like that. But they are just rephrasing "Is it me, or is this guy without talent." He's ?uestioning if he is the only person who thinks that 50 Cent has no talent.

I really don't think this is true, only becuz the comments sound like a 12 year old made them up. The grammer and mistakes in the quotes don't help either.

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I'm just curious about something. If Will Smith dissed 50cent which happends to be one of the biggest rap stars of today(which i am sad to say that 50 is) anyway why isn't it on some of the major websites? I have only one website that has Will and 50 thing but it was borrowed from teen music. I think it's just a rumor. Cause also when you think about it. Will gave sum more info about why he wrote the track Mr. Niceguy and what he said about Em. But the comment about 50 is vague, you know. He didn't say what track it was. Why did he think that way. But if it turns out the comment is true I support Will his comment cause I think 50 is really untalented. I mean look at the lyrics to Candy Shop. :angel:

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It's about time that somebody has the balls to say to the teeny boppers that their hero 50 Cent is a fake. :hilarious:

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