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will disses 50

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i was readin the paper an had sumthin abt will it said will bought 50 cents new album the massacre he heard 1 track an said it was rubbish and saidtht 50 has no talent wot so ever wot do yall think p.s i didnt like album either

And I should believe that??? yeah of course...

Thats fake.

Why are you trying to start a 50 vs Will Thread???

Give us more info about the paper you read, maybe some picture to show? or some sources????

JJFP Rock The House

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Guest Guest

I think thats Right what Big in da house Post,cause I read on the Video text of the german tv channel VIVA.......that will smith said it

Will said......I try to translate....after hearing one track he give it up to listening to the album .....and said "Is this guy really so untalented"

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hey dont trust this guest guy cuz big_a in da house probaly just logged out and posted as a guest abd pretended with this lil german thing to back up his information cuz he wants to start a will vs 50 thing like someone before said

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This whole thread is rubbish man. If you really wanna prove what you are saying, see if that German TV or that newspaper has a website. I bet they will and try and find that article because otherwise, we know FP wouldn't be that narrow-minded and he wouldn't just openly diss someone like that. Please don't go trying to start crap around here.

bagotrasho, i bet hes the guy that made those Mr Nice Guy fake lyrics. haha

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