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Stuff from The Hypnotic 3

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As you all now (I think?) the group Will was in, before he met Jazzy, hade the name The Hypnotic 3 and Will was together with DJ Groove (Eric Harvey), Lord Supreme (Marc Forrest) and some guy called Jamie Fresh and of course Ready Rock C. Will kicked the Jamie och Supreme out of the team because he wanted to be the only rapper on scene (according to the article im reading on my computer screen). However DJ Groove stayed some time and he made some of the work to a couple of Rock The House-tracks...

However my question is, do you guys think its possible to find anything from back then? I mean, maybe we should try to find out. Even if we on the forum know the most things, we sometimes get to hear stuff we didnt know, or didnt remember, existed, like Supercalafragalistic... what do you think? The might be sumthin somewhere?

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well i think that'd be pretty hard 2 do. they probably did record sum stuff, then when the group changed, they probably threw out the old Hypnotic 3 recordings. i doubt that they've ever been released anywhere so i don't know where u'd find it. :confused3:

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I highly doubt we'll ever find anything like that. I've looked 4 that kinda stuff for YEARS and nothing has ever really popped up. Since they were known for rockin' parties, they may have never even recorded anything professionally. There is some rare JJ+FP stuff from the early days that u can find every once in awhile after tons of digging...but not alot of people who own bootlegs and stuff like put that stuff up on the internet.

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Cmon man, its surely better than anything my absolute hate rapper would do. By the way, here's a pic portraiting him, he looks a lil like 50 Cent, doesnt he?


Whahhahaha yeah it looks like him a little bit

ok a lot

- Bog Mouth

- never silent

- and sometimes you just want to kick it in the nuts

* last 1 i don't mean , i like dogs

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