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Lil Jon Switch Remix!

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i dont think most people from here will like it..but if you are into that kind of music..you prob would..it would be a good remix to play in clubs..in the dirty south n everything

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pure trash... first this Ludacris production.. now this remix by Lil John.. I doubt that I will buy the album. I always got mad respect 4 fresh prince and so on.. I always liked his music.. I still listen 2 Code Red and I will always love JJFP, but how can Big Willie go this way? I always thought that he's about music and Hip Hop, as he said in his last interview, right? Nas said that JJFP where the mixtape kingz in da mid 80ies.. JJFP is classic, but when I hear a Will Smith remix by lil John I think it's time 2 stop now. peace

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It ain't on the album is it? :dunno: What happened I thought Robin Thicke and Redman was doing the remix? This is wack! :ditto:

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its like ushers yeah meets that ciara joint.. this cat prob had a hand in producin yeah by usher so thats why it sounds like it

Usher makes great music but Yeah is the track by him I don't like as much as the others because Lil Jon produced it but although the track is good! But this switch remix sounds almost exactly the same and it doesn't fit with the lyrics, not even a lil bit, the lyrics and the beat just don't match!!! It sounds very bad, don't like it... :werd:

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