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  1. Freshprincefan, There is a video of will, kind of freestlying on dailymotion.com its filmed of a computer screen so the quality isn't that great, but i think it's the one you want But yeah will is amazin at pool, especially with the first nine ball shot in to the middle pocket. mart,,
  2. if any of u havent heard this yet u can here every song in whole at motownremixed.com tears of a clown was a real surprise all songas are great -ex
  3. if u cant get anyone to tape it i could get it, but itll be really bad quality so if noone has a better one ill put it up -ex plus y cant i see the topics i post in cause i already posted in this one but i cant see my post
  4. well im late just saw thjat this morning and came on here to tell everyone but im too late ima try to tape it tho -ex
  5. i havent seen anything about this but wills on ant and decs saturday night takeaway by the title it was on yestaday so sum of u might not of seen it like myself but the repeats on ITV2 18:50 so now -ex
  6. to jonny5 that was his nephew (i dunno how to quote) from what ive seen noones said anything about Common he was easily the second best there. he was so lively for sumone who raps like he does plus how has Akon got so big over here everyone was screaming for him i mean hes good but he aint been doing it for long. plus faith evens sutainly got everyone on there feet with "love like this" plus for those who went did u see any famous peeps walking around or in interviews cause i was hoping to get an album cover signed but had no luck. the only one i saw up close was blak twang and thats the only album cover i forgot to take. -ex
  7. true the only good one is blak twang -ex plus just to add to the other post what i didnt see the tickets are only £10 if u had ordered a ticket for the sunday what has now been cancelled also i wouldnt be looking forward to seeing it on tv cause they only played clips of the songs and a couple of jay z's songs in full plus thanx for that website jazzyjulie cause now i know wills headlining it shoud means hes doing atleast 6 songs. i was at last years but had to leave early cause had to get the last train home so it looks like im going to be stuck in london cause i dont want to miss any.
  8. sorry i was too excited to search for another post cause i brought my ticket when they first started selling them, when there was noone but english artists i mean there great but there no will smith -ex
  9. i just heard on the radio that will smith is going to do the Princes trust URBAN MUSIC FESTIVAL thats great news cause im going to it -ex
  10. coming to the stage is def the best song i cant understand y that was only a bonus track but like everyone else has said there all great -ex
  11. mine are 1//coming to the stage 2//loretta 3//if u cant dance 4//lost &found -ex
  12. sorry to post again but i have just seen the funniest one "does anyone know wills e-mail" raoflmao :hilarious: -ex
  13. i love lorettaville if u ever wanna laugh at sumink go there this fan club iz great im the number 1 fan is loretta a true story u cant make that stuff up -ex
  14. my name is -------->>Martin Shaw<--------- u know the famous actor from the avengers, thats really me and the judge in some show on the bbc i cant remeber the name of plus having the name shaw is the worst thing cause when people ask my name and i say "martin shaw" everytime i get back "are u sure" ha ha a hah -ex
  15. wow its another great 1 u skilled at doing that -ex
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