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wow im very impressed by those two songs. Party Starter has some hot lyrics. Will is really steppin his game up. I'm lovin these two. Hey Hero, could u possibly contact Will and tell him to put these two out as singles?? Lol... u got connections right? I mean these two song will give Will the respect he deserves with the rap community. I wanna make those haters hear these songs!

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Man...i think i'm gonna have 2 the Party Popper outta the group.

These new trax are nice, but i'll take "Potnas" or "The Rain" over them with the quickness. I like the energy of "Party Starter" but it's not what i want from FP...and Ludacris just dosen't make any sense 2 me as a colabo potna. I love Jeff cuttin' of "Pump Ya Breaks" and i love FP's flow...but i just think the production, again, just isn't there. And i don't see why Snoop is on the track. I like most of Snoop's stuff, but i don't see why him or Ludacris are on the album. The chemistry just isn't anything special. Other artists would have sounded much better along side da 'Prince. Musically they sound 2 much like the other stuff on the radio. The sound of the music just isn't heavy enuff. I hate listening 2 music over the computer, so i'm thinkin' this is part of the reason i think this way...but i wanted so much more. FP is in the right place as an emcee, but these beats just don't do him justice. I want some straight up Hip-Hop...not this stuff. I like "Switch" better than both of these cuts. From what i've heard so far, i compare this album 2 Big Willie Style. I don't think it's anywhere near the level of Code Red or Willennium.

Don't wig out, this is just my opinion.

One a positive note, i love the way he freestyled "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" over "Drop It Like It's Hot." I think sound of that beat is cool, but not really that good. FP fit right on top of that track bringing it 2 life like it waz his own. The freestyle waz very good 2. Very focused compared 2 other emcees/rappers.

FP is back...i'm just hoping the rest of the album has beats that back him up better than what i've heard so far.

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I really like the laid-back flow of Pump Ya Breaks. I really didn't know what to think when I heard Snoop was on the album but Snoop has mellowed out over the years so it's all good. Off the subject for a little bit, check out Snoop's new single Signs with Justin Timberlake. It's hot for real.

Party Starter is the type of track you play at the club and people will just get to throwing 'bows in the club. It's that good.

I'm really excited to hear the rest of the album.


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im callin it now.. lost & found wills best album in 15 years :werd: as will was sayin in the interview..for this album he had no tv show or movie to worry about..he could just focus on his style rhyming and the music..and damn its payed off..im totally feelin wills hunger!! pump ya brakes is just amazing :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:

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