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Will Smith ftg Snoop Dogg – Pump Ya Brakes

Snoop Dogg

Big Will

Hey little homie you need to (pump ya brakes)

Real Talk

We came to have a good time we aint gotall the time for all that homey look (pump ya brakes)

Now slide right and just (pump ya brakes)

We’ll holla at you in a minute but wait (pump ya brakes)

All this excess stress I cant take it

Slow that thing down pump ya brakes kid

Why you gotta be all up in the face kid

The abs will get you numbers and a name kid

I mean really houndin on girl is that really necessary

See your itinerary is all off you need to be hauled off

She start flippin she aint trippin its your loss

This a simple case of an anti break pumper

You don’t have to talk to me bumper to bumper

That mighta got you a couple of numbers when you were younger

But dude switch your whole approach that ain’t proper

Be a gentleman try and be gentle man

The essence of stimulation mental man

But if you actin like ya just got out a kennel man

Put your foot on the peddle and … pump

If your girl in ya face and she out of place

What you need to tell her is (pump ya brakes)

Now if you out with your girls and they pressin you hard

What you need to tell em is (pump ya brakes)

Now if you underage and you actin all grown

What you need to do is (pump ya brakes)

If you offended by this record and you know its you

What you need to do is (pump ya brakes)

Rule number one its just like..

Party Starter


An aphrodisiac

With them gyrating stimulating sensual acts

To Stimulating musical tracks

I thought I was just gonna come out tonight and get a brew and relax

But no

Uh uh when you the party starter

Its like ???

And shock em when its boring

Get on the floor

Uh it’s the groovacide bomber

Mic in my vest tight strapped to my chest like

Im a run up in the party holla

And be like ohh fulfilling my calling

Big Will that’s my name

Writing rhymes that’s my game

Ask me again and I’ll tell you the same

Look just right ya number right next to your name girl

Woah im the party starter

You might have a good time but we party harder

So tell the dj to play my song and we can

Dance all night to the early morning

Oh im the party starter

You might have a good time but we party harder

Tell the dj to play my song and we can dance all night to the early morning

He was raised in the ways when the roof was raisin

Every rap occasion new and amazing

The back of the stages amazing gazing

Praying for the day they would one day praise him

Studied the ways of the game and made it

Came through the maze and the haze and played it

Perfect days

any person hated and cursed him

he was unfazed he waited

it was worth it

he never retaliated

he saved it

and when they was low and nothing could raise him

he came to the show and something uncaged in him

like the pope of this party crusade

im like braids that’s never gonna fade you heard

im like 23s on an escalade

throwin me into a rave like you threw a grenade woah

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  • Admin

i think they meant the switch single drops 21st march in the UK.. i love how will said hes gonna release switch and then hit em with the cold water! :kekeke: i love the pump ya brakes beat i think theres sum beat boxin in the mix :switch:

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AJ, I'm sad you are not 100% involved in that stuff.. Of course I respect your opinion. Tim, I have to thank you to let me having 10 minutes of Fantastic Hip hop. The stuff Of L&F I heard is simply AMAZING and INSANE..those trax heve to be singles, make something to make WILL release them.. I never heard Will in this way. I don't know if it will be better than willennium or code red, but now i feel it's his best album. :fingersx:

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  • Admin

preach on toofresh.. will is in the zone in this album.. i can just imagine pump ya brakes as a single..it would make for an awesome video..jazzy jeff and fresh prince and snoop dogg a real hip hop video and the 3 of them having fun..and them tellin all these ppl to pump their brakes!

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i dont like the new ones as much as switch, i mean there great and everything but i just dont like snoop and he is on that track too much. I dunno it might b bcoz westwood keeps playing that stupid smashed glass over it, i gotta wait until they grow on me i guess.

Wow i cant believe its me thats being a pessimistic one for once lol. Gimme time im sure i'll like them better in better quality and stuff. thanx 4 that tho Tim!!!

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This could be the best album since "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper", I don't think any of his other albums came close to that one, even though "Code Red", "Homebase", and "Big Willie Style" are definite hip-hop classics, but this one could rank up there with "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" without a doubt, this album could open up a lot of doors in hip-hop again as well, I was too little to remember '88, but this point in '05 could become the golden age in hip-hop when these fake rappers get knocked by the fresh prince and the legends returnin' to the top. :ali:

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  • Admin

i think pump ya brakes sounds very hes the dj to me.. just the scratchin and will rippin it on the mic..of course its given a 2005 flava with snoop..who i think is awesome on the chorus..he always makes things sound so cool..i cant wait to hear the rest of the track!

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  • Admin

i think the hip hop heads are really gonna feel this album :werd: which is me! :thumb: if you are after some pop/rap will2k/freakin it/wild wild west/mib/bsc **** u may have to go listen to the other albums..will is bringin the heat on this 1..hes rapping fierce and aggressive.. and the beats are definitely that 2005 sound

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im listening to them again after downloadin them and i cranked the volume up, i really like what Will is doin but im not feelin the beats as much. I didnt get that tingly feeling the first time but i have now so i guess its a grower like switch was. It kinda reminds me of im comin which is one of my fave tracks.

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  • Admin

ive got pump ya brakes blastin on my logitech speakers :switch: the bass is movin the floor! i think the beat is great..real uptempo and gets ya feet movin and head noddin..and i love the change up in the chorus! it does sound really different..but thats what i love abt JJFP every album is a different sound

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