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where are u ppl from?


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as ive said before, i am amused so easily it is sometimes frightning, and while perusing some of forum member's infos i realized theres alot of international ppl in these forums-- by international, i mean not american (yeah, im a self-centered american, wut now)

i myself am from boston massachusetts (the tea party and red sox and whatnot)

i noticed that hero is from australia-- which immediately equates in my mind with kangaroos, kouala bears, steve "croc hunter" irwin, and foster's beer... fine im an idiot...but all of that stuff is exceedingly cool, and as ive never been out of the US of A, i find this simply FASCINATING

anyhoo, in conclusion, where are all you crazy JJFP listeners from?? aaaaaaaand GO! :cya:

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New Jersey, USA

btw, it's nice to see that you're not another "switch whore" scyhigh99, welcome to the board! :kekeke: :thumb:

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