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I'm glad so many of u have seen it. I'm so hyped, they need 2 start airing it in the US NOW!!

So most of u think it's something different....but u mean a really GOOD kinda differerent, right?

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the music video is awesome!!! finally a will smith video where we see will smith the emcee..not will smith the hollywood movie star that sony always pushed..now that wills off sony you can really tell the difference..hes got a hot hip hop track a nd a hot video..finally will the emcee is back in the spotlight!!!!

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i taped cduk this morning (i was at work today). I just watched it about an hour ago - I wan't sure at first but now you guys been givin' it praise I'm gonna go watch it again. As I was fast forwarding thru the rest of the show my heart beat was getting faster and faster! lol!

yeah, the track kinda skips when Will says something, I was wondering what that was about. The bad thing was straight after the video Cat Deeley said something like "Yeah, and Will is starring in a new movie in Feb", nothing about Lost and Found!!

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TRL UK starts next week, they are usually pretty sharp in showing new video's so hopefully they will show it.

also it should do the rounds on mtv base/the box/kiss, etc soon !!

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