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New Years Resolution

Da Brakes

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As we dawn on the eve of a new year, there comes that inevitable time where we make resolutions that we have no intention of keeping!!

So what are yours??

Mines are

1. To save more money this year

2. To complete my album "Business As Usual" and to make it a banging album!

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My resolutions are pretty much the same as last year (except for the school part)

- Stay healthy : so far I'm a healthy kid I just hope I, my family and friends continue to be healthy.

- Do much better in school: I gotta get better in Algebra 2 and Chemistry.

- Get better at hockey: There's always room for improvement.

- Get in better shape. Work out: lol im such a skinny kid. i got work out on my own and get more built. im a slender 143lbs lol.

- Strengthen relationships with friends and stuff: I mean there fine but it would hurt to strengthen them.

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I have alot. I have 2 have a goal or project in life or i'm not happy. I think i'm gonna overload myself this year cuz i don't feel like i've accomplished much last year.

I have 2 get a REAL job with benifits, full time hours, and all that grown-up stuff. I need 2 be a lil' more responsible with my money. I need 2 treak my girlfriend better, control my temper, get closer 2 my family, get in better shape...just alot of things.

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I guess i want to be an all round better person, and that'll start with me being less lazy with some of my uni work.

I also intend to this year to let the girl of my dreams know how i feel about her. Its hard because we are friends and im only going to see here one more time (Next Friday) until Easter when we are both back from University again. She's an incredible person Love is in the air :roll:

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I haven't made any new year resolutions this year. All I would like is a 'fresh start' and doing my best to avoid the many mistakes I made last year. I've realized that things happen 'both good and bad' because we allow it, or 'will' it into our lives. Being in control of our destiny is something that we have to realize that we have control of...but we gotta do just that. TAKE control of it...

So for all of you that have made new year resolutions. It's your choice to either make it happen or let time pass u by... I wanna see u make it happen.



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Well I always like to set goals for myself all the time, I don't wait for the new year to come to make resolutions, but a few goals that I have this year is:

1-Stay healthy and not take any day for granted

2-Graduating my college course I'm taking

3-Get myself a great job by the end of the year so I don't have to work retail anymore

4-Continue freestylin' and writin' songs to sharpen my mc skills

5-Find myself a girlfriend that'll have time for me and'll show respect like I would for her

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