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what the hell is a sequel about i, robot gonna be about? the story and concept was exhausted in the first movie. i think it's gonna be a huge mistake if will goes for this project.

even if he does, there should be an overhaul of the production crew: a better stronger script than the first movie as an excuse for the second one, better acting than the first one (apart from will, the other actors acted like they were robots themselves) and better directing than the first, proyas's was below average.

i, robot was a GOOD movie but had the prospects of being greater and the best movie of 2004 but for the above mentioned faults, it fell short.

and my personal advice to will: avoid blockbusters for a couple of years and act in more inspiring pictures to prove you're not just a 'blockbuster actor'

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the end of i robot totally sets up a sequel..anyway all this sequel talk was way back when the movie came out..theres no way i robot 2 is happening..alex proyas is extremely pissed off at all the fox people and in fact hes writing a book called robot wars about all the stupid things they tried to make him do with i robot..he mentions a couple of things on the commentary...

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I really think he should do somethin else. Im a little bit tired of seeing him hunt monsters, robots, cowboys with strange weapons and stuff like that. I'd really prefer to see him just live, like in FPoBA ^^ I know that wont be a reality but why not Will Smith as... James Bond? :kool:

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lol it was columbia that said he was too old to be a rapper but it was Will himself that said he is too old for action movies. He said in I, Robot he could feel his knees goin. I dont think he will stick to that idea tho, i bet he gives up action but ends up going back to it, like lerkot said Bruce willis is still goin.

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