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these forums got deleted..


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looks like prince is responsible...

PRINCE : and now, another member on the forum told me that tim said "ips sent to hax..someones gettin in trouble..."

PRINCE: if he is meaning me, im not even going to return to the board

PRINCE: all those "Dae the Luss" "Damocles" "oldfriend"

PRINCE: they were me

i mean..what motivated u to do even that prince?


PRINCE: what did i do wrong?

PRINCE: i didnt impersonate someone else. i didnt say that i was daedalus

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This is dissapointing, but somehow not shocking 2 me. Prince waz really acting shady 4 the past few months, and I found myself asking "Why?" 2 many of the topics he's posted and things he's said. Sorry and thanx Tim, u shouldn't have had 2 go thru' all this mess, but u did. Hax, thanx alot 4 recovering everything here.

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yeah im completely shocked :scared2: prince was actually trying to

to convince me to make him an admin last night so he has control over all the forums he was saying "i deleted daedulus'" posts in numero uno forum but i couldnt delete them in the others cause im not a mod there

make me a admin

when he was daedulus !!! and all those people makin those posts

yeah its making more and more sense unfortunately... :werd:

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Guest lambertj3

wow he was a lot of people, no wonder jazzy julie were upset of the time he called white people devils :nhawong: even though most blacks would agree, so he was the one who got my topic closed lol, tim what happened to my 300 posts? and who is hax never heard of him is he new? if so welcome, if not i must have missed a lot i have never seen any of his posts till now :kekeke:

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