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Will Smith and Kanye West track

Big Ben

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I have a feelin' FP has been taking the Justin Timberlake approach to music. He's quietly working and all of a sudden we are going 2 get a single with an album to come a couple months later.

Yeah! Definitely... why not!?

Thank you guys for posting the pics and the video.

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I was thinking the same thing. If he didn't contribute to a song, I'm wondering how many studios he's going to hang out at before he realizes it's time to seriously record music for a full album.

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That article does look good, im not getting my hopes up too much but it could happen. Im wondering with Will hanging with that other latin star, he might be trying to find a new sound out there. He did that with born to reign, im wondering if he went to Rio to find inspiration. Yeah im thinking too hard about this arnt i.

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I just think Kanye has gotten really awful over the years. His production has gone greatly down hill. His lyrics and subject matter are ultimately irrelevant and I can't stand his voice. He was never the best emcee, but he hasn't held on the sensibility he had earlier in his career. Everything about his music has gotten sloppy and common since 2008 in my opinion. I recently watched some YouTube videos of him in concert and I didn't find any entertaining qualities to the performance. I'm not hating...I actually liked lots of his first 3 albums. From then, there's been very few songs he's touched that I liked. Unfortunately his personality and behavior don't redeem his musical short comings. That was me just taking a jab at the fact he is fully capable of making of making music like All Falls Down, Slow Jams, and Good Life...but he insists on making songs like "Click."

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