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Will Smith and Kanye West track

Big Ben

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yeah i really really hope that this track gets out there

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More details here:
"I went into the studio with Kanye. I'm thinking about it. I'm exploring," he said at a special screening of his new film, Focus, in London.
"I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet but I'm exploring. I'm in a creative ceiling. My son tells me I have to write out the things I don't like. I can't write and stop, I have to keep going and going and write them out. I've never worked like that before but I think I might give that a shot."
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The timing feels right. He hasn't been this open and convincing about music since L+F, so this is great.

When it comes to Kanye, I'm really nervous. Kanye West is a horrible rapper his production hasn't been very good in many years. Some of you will disagree with me, but think Kanye's music is absolute garbage. He doesn't make music that reflects Hip-Hop culture or anything FP stands for as an artist. If this were years ago and we were talking about the Kanye West who produced Through The Wire, All Falls Down, Twista's Slow Jams, Talib Kweli's Get By and I Try, Alicia Keys' remix of "If I Ain't Got You," I'd be all for it. Unfortunately he's no where near that same artist.

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I ain't nowhere near one of Kanye's biggest fans but he's far from garbage, he has to be somewhat of a talented artist to have Paul Mccartney because he doesn't work with just anyone, Kanye's more creative than most garbage commercial rappers these days although I don't consider him one of the greats...Anyway I'm encouraged like all of us here that Will's making an effort to come back to music like this, this is what I've been praying for everyday I come on this forum...

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Thanks for posting the interview. I only watched the music part of it, but I'll be going back to watch the whole thing soon.

FP is tight lipped about new music, he's never this revealing if he's not almost certain that a new project will be out in the future.

I won't back down on my opinion of Kanye though. This voice, flow, delivery, and auto-tuning is horrible. He used to me a mediocre rapper, but his lyrics have lost all heart and soul. His production went from being top notch to trendy and weak. I just don't find redeeming qualities in him as an artist. I guess I'm kinda discouraged that he was hanging out with Calvin Harris too. I never knew about their connection. FP is going to drop new music and I don't wanna hear him over electro pop beats. I kinda hope he just scraps those plans and gets with Jeff.

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