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MIB3 box office - $620 Million Worldwide


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Sony and Will Smith's sci-fi comedy Men In Black 3 won three weeks in a row in China, drawing in $15M (94M yuan), with a total gross of $67.5M (427M yuan), fourth highest this year now. 500M yuan is right in signt.

Madagascar 3 debuted at no 2. Sorry Jada...

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Independence Day $817.4
Hancock $624.4
Men in Black $589.4
I Am Legend $585.3
MIB 3 $488.0
Men in Black II $441.8
Hitch $368.1
Shark Tale $367.3
I, Robot $347.2
The Pursuit of Happyness $307.1
Bad Boys II $273.3
Enemy of the State $250.6
Wild Wild West $222.1
Seven Pounds $168.2
Bad Boys $141.4
Made in America $104.9
Ali $87.7
The Legend of Bagger Vance $39.5

Its 5th on his list of box office movies worldwide! Not bad, its got a bit to go before it catches I am Legend.

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Wow I didnt remember that Hancock made that much moneyy!!! I cant even imagine what would have been of that movie if it had a better second half. It would have grossed 800

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@ Radewart in the most sources they get this numbers inflation cleaned (i remember that i read something on that way)

Its all about 3D. You see the visitors: Its not that much then other movies from big Willie. A film like ID4 have had reached with that 3D... (and maybe he do. Remember that the movie came back to cinemas next year in converted 3D all possible! Maybe he kicks Titanic an Avatar away? xD) ID4 take over 11 million visitors in germany. mib1 7,5 million mib2 5,1 million... and mib 3 we talk only about MAYBE 2 million visitors. Things going wrong. Where can this movie be if the people are going to see this movie like that before. But thats the risk... a not bad but also not very good second movie let the people think about "mib3... i will see this only on dvd/tv because the second one was not that good like the first one"... you know what i mean? 500 millions sounds great. But not if we look on total visitors.

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Updating numbers..

Domestic: $152,679,000 28.1%
+ Foreign: $391,600,000 71.9%
= Worldwide: $544,279,000

Almost $550 M! I think this is clearly a success for Sony, they'll want a fourth part.

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A couple of interesting stats.. It has done extremely well overseas:

International hit MIB 3 raked in another $19.7 million this weekend from 79 markets, which brings its foreign total to $391.6 million. It's now a few days away from passing Hancock ($396.4 million) to become Will Smith's second-highest grossing movie ever overseas behind Independence Day ($511.2 million).

If you look at US attendance it was well down...

Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation

Rank Title Adjusted Gross Unadjusted Gross Release
1 Men in Black $432,564,100 $250,690,539 7/2/97
2 Men in Black II $259,572,600 $190,418,803 7/3/02
3 MIB 3 $152,679,000 $152,679,000 5/25/12

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