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MIB3 box office - $620 Million Worldwide


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Thats a good result. The bad weather and many good reviews and mouth to mouth advice will have done his job.

I seem to remember saying something like this would happen. :clap:

ahem i do believe i also said this lol. No-one believed me about the weather but im telling you in the UK it was dead the opening week when it was sunny and packed the second week when it rained. It may not make a difference in sunny Countries but in the UK our activities revolve around the weather lol.

And also in my experience, films get worse as the trilogy goes on, people might not have expected a 3rd to be very good but it turns out it better than the 2nd and so word of mouth would be very good for this film.

You're exactly right, Julie! It's like this in the US too. Unless we've been having great weather for an extended period, people tend to go out and spend nice days outside rather than to go to the movies or some other indoor event, especially around Memorial Day which is the first real "summer" weekend of the year.

And you're right about the trilogy fears too. Coming off of MIB2, people were going to be undoubtedly hesitant until word about whether MIB3 was good or bad came out. People are not going to flock to see the third movie in a franchise in which the second was pretty bad until they hear if it is actually good. If there is a lesson here, it's to just be patient and wait before we jump to any conclusions. We went through the same thing with the Karate Kid movie while it was in production, and we all know how successful that was. In the future, we should probably hold off on the doom and gloom until it becomes abundantly clear that there is indeed doom and gloom to lament about.

Thanks for staying positive, Julie!

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The No. 2 film, Sony's "Men in Black 3" held solidly, taking in $29.3 million from 4,248 locations for the weekend and lifting its overall domestic gross to $112.3 million. There was more good news from overseas: "MIB 3" took in $78.6 million to up its international gross to $274.6 million and its worldwide figure to $386.9 million

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Sony’s ‘MIB 3′ Passes $400 Million Worldwide

Sony Pictures has announced that after hitting $398.8 million last night, MIB 3 was poised to move beyond $400 million in worldwide revenue today. That will surely put the film on course to eclipse the $441 million worldwide that Men In Black II turned in back in 2002. It was a much better movie than the first sequel, but hasn’t been hailed as a home run because skeptics wonder whether it will ever be in the black financially. MIBII was shot on a reported 140 million budget, while MIB3 carried a reported $225 million budget, with a lot of gross out the door. Certainly, the hiatus taken by the picture to fix the script added to those costs. The original grossed $589 million worldwide in 1997 on a reported budget of $90 million. Even with the benefit of extra revenue for 3-D tickets, the movie will need a few more strong weeks around the world to eclipse that total.


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Well it looks like its pretty weak in the US but it has been huge worldwide.. guess that shows WIll is a huge movie star around the world! he put in that work visiting other countries starting with Bad Boys..so he is still huge..

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No. 4 was "Men in Black 3," which took in $13.5 million from 3,792 locations for Sony, raising its overall domestic haul to $135.5 million. It added another $38.3 million overseas from 79 markets this weekend, giving it an overall foreign gross of $352.1, surpassing the original film as the franchise's biggest overseas earner.


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#1 Snow White -> 248.000 visitors
#2 MiB3 -> 244.000 visitors
Over 1,5 million visitors seen the movie yet. Its possible that Smith reach the 2 million visitors like many other movie from himself (with him...)

Now over 500 million $ worldwide. Its great and no more flop. But its also not that good like other movie results.

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