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Game Producer Working on T.I. & Will Smith Comeback Albums !


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This is the best news we've had since 2004 when we heard that Will was working on an album. It's been way too long! I just watched the videos for Switch and Party Starter and it got me so excited again. I just hope this time around he works with better producers (ahem. DJ Jazzy Jeff) and has more of an online presence with tracks to download and stuff. Give us music, music and more music please!!

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I'm happy with a possible album from Will but slightly worried that he's working with these gimmicky people *cough*Gillie, really?*cough*.
He should work with his boy Jeff and people like Jill Scott instead of Gillie and the game. The only artist I heard/read about Will associating himself with that I liked is Pharrell.

Btw, we should do a ''who would you want to see Will work with on his new album'' thread.

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Found this article on hiphopdx.
Source: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.16477/title.will-smith-currently-working-on-a-comeback-album

Will Smith Currently Working On A Comeback Album

by Steven J. Horowitz
posted August 17, 2011 at 5:50PM UTC+0200 | 68 comments

The Fresh Prince is putting Hollywood on hold to revive his once thriving music career.
With his last studio album Lost and Found dropping in 2005, Will Smith is ready to pick back up the mic. According to 1500 or Nothin’s Mars, the Fresh Prince is currently at work on his comeback album, which he mentioned while running down a list of his production team’s upcoming projects.
“We’re working on Tip, we’re working on the High School movie with Snoop and Wiz Khalifa. We’re working on Will Smith, bringing him back,” Mars told XXLMag.com. “That’s actually him on the other line right now. Snoop’s daughter, we just put out her first single. We’re doing the whole album. Mario wants me to do a mixtape with him, we’re working on that. I’m working on Ashanti. We’re just working on as much as possible.”
As a solo artist, Smith released four albums, beginning with his nine-times-platinum 1997 debut Big Willie Style. Willenium followed in 1999, crossing the double-platinum threshold, while Born to Reign only achieved gold certification following its 2002 release. Lost and Found, also certified gold, was released in 2005.

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That is a great,great news but skeptical as I am,I don't wanna be too excited before I hear something from Will.I want him to say:"Yes,I'm back!"
Maybe I worried because Willow,Jaden,Kyle,Jada's cousin Tamira...they all recording something right know so I think that there's possibility that it's all because some of them.Hope that I'm wrong!I wanna be wrong this time!Anyway ,as I said,can't wait to hear this directly from Will...or Jeff.

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I wouldn't mind hearing a Will/Game track, Game's one of the few mainstream rappers in recent years that I like, he turned out to be one of the realest out there, I wasn't really a fan when he first came out but after he ripped 50 apart on diss tracks and his post G-Unit stuff has been really good I'm now a believer, especially that "LAX" album and the last few mixtapes he's released like "The Red Room", "Brake Lights" and "Purp & Patron", he even shouted Will out along with a bunch of old school rappers on his 2008 single "Game's Pain", he seems to be a student of hip hop history

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Who am I kidding, I've been dying 2 get 2 the board since I heard the news!!

I TOLD U SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fair play to you, i think you were probably the only one that still had faith, i think i completely gave up about a year ago. I still cant believe this, im with lena, i need to heart his from Will before i can believe it totally. I just never thought this would happen.

As far as the people hes working with, of course i want Jeff and not that kid guy but im still happy whatever, im desperate for anything, im just glad hes back lol.

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