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Game Producer Working on T.I. & Will Smith Comeback Albums !


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Visqo wow - crossing the line man. For the first time in like 7 years I actually used my moderator power to delete that crap. You don't know who reads this site and what you write is often reflective of the type of community here.

I know - we all know what you're saying man. We're all frustrated, we just want some music. It'll eventually come.

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you didn't hear the "fiesta" remix with that latin group bomba estereo and "cautionin the wild" which was reached independently from suicide squad? now would be the right time to put out  a new album with the comeback tour coming...

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word, on the most part it's been a dissapointing 6 years, the hip hop game has gone to shambles and we only got 2 songs that weren't up to par, but with this comeback tour the hope is reignited...

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