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2012's gonna be 10 years since "Men In Black 2", damn that's such a time gap, and if he don't put out any music for the soundtrack of this film then his hip hop career will be over, it'll be 7 and a half years after "Lost & Found" by the time "Men In Black 3" and the way people buy music these days I wonder if he'll actually do something now, this just sucks

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The movie is the 3rd most trending search in yahoo.com this week.

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2 years????? Seriously? they could film Wills parts in 3-4 months. I can't see him not working on other projects during that time.

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MIB 3 has its villian: http://www.heatvisionblog.com/2010/05/jemaine-clement-in-men-in-black-3.html

“Flight of the Conchords” star Jemaine Clement is in final negotiations to play one of the villains in Columbia’s “Men in Black 3.”

Will Smith recently signed his deal to return as the alien-chasing government agent, as did returning director Barry Sonnenfeld.

Most of the action is taking place in 1969, with Josh Brolin playing a young Tommy Lee Jones, who will bookend the movie.

Most of the new casting will be the villains, whose identities, look and super-abilities are being kept under lock and key. It is known that Clement is playing a villain named Boris, who is described as being charmy and creepy at the same time. (The name Yaz was used as a filler name, and since the script is still being polished, there is a chance the name may change again.)

The CAA-repped Kiwi made a name for himself as one-half of the comedic singing duo in HBO’s “Conchords” and has been slowly making inroads into features. He appeared in the little-seen “Gentlemen Broncos” and has a role in the Steve Carrell-Paul Rudd comedy “Dinner for Schmucks.”

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I love Flight of the Conchords but Jermaine can't act to save himself.. To have him star as the villain when you had Vincent D'onofrio in the original is not a good sign. D'onofrio is one of the best actors of the last 20 years.. you need a seasoned performer for such a huge role <sigh>

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Men In Black 3 (3D) Teaser Clip

Will Smith from the upcoming Men In Black 3, also known as MIB 3D, appeared in a short teaser clip in Sony's 3D TV Launch Event at Sony Pictures Studios. The video is blurry because its in 3D.

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