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Men In Black III National Casting for Extras $100-$500/day contact 1-866-955-8319
posted: June 14, 2010, 10:04 AM


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Men In Black III National Casting for Extras $100-$500/day call 1-866-955-8319 (no emails please)

Location: Bloomington/Normal, Chicago, Southern Illinois, Springfield

Post ID: 5805422

link: http://bloomington.backpage.com/Auditions/men-in-black-iii-national-casting-for-extras-100-500day-contact-1-866-955-8319/5805422

-Found this by doing a search. There is many listed for all over the country, but the number is the same for everyone. I haven't called, so I don't know if it's accurate or a scam.

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Casting Notice: http://www.gwcnyc.com/casting.shtml

Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking the following for the feature film MEN IN BLACK 3:

•Men and women with professional-level skills as contortionists and/or mimes to play aliens. We are looking for people who have training in body movement and are comfortable wearing prosthetic makeup.
•Men and women who are less than 4′10 or more than 6′5 in height to play aliens, Must be comfortable wearing prosthetic makeup.
•Men and women to play late 1960s New Yorkers — hippies, conservative businessmen and secretaries, bikers, blue-collar types, etc… Men must be willing to get their hair cut/styled to fit the time period.
•People with 1960s era cars in good to mint condition. When submitting, send a picture of yourself and the car. List the make, model, year, and color.

Please email a recent picture of yourself and contact information to mib3@gwcnyc.com. Write the role for which you are submitting in the subject line of your email.

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We have inside details about Men in Black 3!

I've recently gathered some inside info about MEN IN BLACK 3, the totally necessary sequel starring Josh Brolin and Jemaine Clement alongside the original duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

The film has Agent Jay sent back in time to 1969 where he teams up with a young Kay to stop an evil villain named Yaz from destroying the world in the future, and I've got a few more details about the project to share with you here.

Here's what I've learned:

- There’s only one real bad guy in the film, and it’s Yaz, described as a nightmare biker who looks like Dennis Hopper and Satan. But it would seem it would be hard to craft a “badass hell biker” villain who is played by Flight of the Conchord’s Jemaine Clement and named after a side-effect prone brand of birth control. He’s not meant to be particularly funny and the movie is careful to describe him as oozing badassery and violence out of every pore, which makes me wonder why they’d cast Clement over someone more appropriate like Ron Perlman or Mickey Rourke.

- Further casting questions come up when it’s revealed Kay is supposed to be 26 in 1969. Josh Brolin is 42, Tommy Lee Jones is 64. That’s quite the gulf there, on a few different levels, and as talented as Brolin is, looking 40 years young than Tommy Lee Jones is pushing it. I can however see him playing a somewhat younger version of Jones’ stone-faced Kay quite well, and I think he’d be a good balance to Smith’s antics.

- The time travel plot actually kind of works in the MIB universe because there’s no real need for it to make perfect sense since the tone of the series is so goofy. But this spawns a lot of stereotypical time-travel comedy moments, including the mandatory “You’ve gotta believe me!” intro where Jay tries to convince past Kay he’s from the future and obvious jokes about Jay being black in the ‘60s.

- A new cast of celebrities are revealed as aliens in this era, among them Yoko Ono, Jimi Hendrix, Castro, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Andy Warhol, who actually has an extended scene where he aids Jay and Kay on their mission. The film is funny, but there’s little to differentiate it from the previous two films other than a new time period, which has a few inside nods to the events of the present day. I did however, have to laugh at one scene which describes an Apple Store as a secret time-travel hub, and shaking the iPhone’s clock app as a way to travel into the past. I wonder if they’ll actually keep the Apple brand name in the film itself.

I had a bit of trouble following the details of the plot. The general idea is that Yaz travels back in time to kill Kay, which sets off a chain of events that ends in the destruction of the world. But the how and why are pretty muddled, and hopefully it’ll be easier to watch instead of read. There’s a bunch of future-seeing aliens that are central to the plot, but I never did quite understand their role in the film throughout.

This could be fun I suppose, and I’m sure Smith alone will make this a watchable film, but I just don’t think this franchise really has a fanbase clamoring for more of these movies. But that aside, it’s a popcorn flick, and despite an effects-heavy budget, it will surely be profitable worldwide, and really, isn’t that all that matters?


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I have the script, if you want it post your email.

Minor spoilers

I'm almost through and the other stuff posted about it is true. It is likely an early draft, so details could and likely will change. It has some funny moments and original parts, but it is rushed in parts. Also, the time travel parts and the bad guy's history are a little hard to follow. The worse part is that Tommy Lee Jones will barely be in this movie. He's in the first twenty pages and then pops up in the end. Still it should be better than two and have some great visuals.

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  • Admin

The problem with MIB 2 was they spent way too long getting Will and Tommy together.. the whole movie should just be Will and Tommy-Lee.. thats the comic chemistry that was so good in the first.. sounds like they are making the same mistake twice.. anyway rad if you can email the script to me its hierohero at gmail

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I'm so torn. Part of me would love to read it and part of me wants 2 wait til it hits theaters. It's been awhile since I had a scoop on JJ+FP before the public...so part of me loves the idea of getting some of that again.

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Men in Black rents outer space in E. Williamsburg

Producers behind third installment of Will Smith movie franchise take nearly 100,000 square feet of interior and exterior space to construct and store alien vehicles and other props.

Columbia Pictures will be constructing and storing props for the third installment of Will Smith’s Men in Black movie series in a facility on 15 Rewe St., in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The one-story building will also be used for special-effects development and office space. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in Manhattan in September.

The 66,000-square-foot building has an additional 30,000 square feet of land, which producers need in order to facilitate alien vehicle construction, said Vincent Lopez of Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates, who represented both Columbia Pictures and landlord 15 Rewe St. LLC, along with his colleague Jacques Wadler.

The nine-month lease, which has the option of a six-month extension, began July 1. The asking rent was $66,000 per month for the entire property.


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