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Convincing Will to rap again!


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I have an idea to convince Will to make another rap album. Basically we set up one of those petition/causes on facebook For Will to record another rap album. We can then promote it on Will's official facebook and spread the word. Will's already got millions of "fans" on his official facebook, if we could get a really good number to sign onto this petition maybe Will would realize the people want it! What do you think?

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I think there is a very good chance more music will come. There's plenty left in him. With real Hip-Hop not lining up with what commerical Rap is doing and with his movie career, he's just unaware of how bad people support him as an artist. Create it Tim, I speak for us all when i say we are all down.

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Should it say a DJ Jazzy Jeff + Fresh Prince reunion album OR a new solo album?

The world is ready.

The truth is that if FP is worried about mixing the careers (which he shouldn't be at this point)), a JJ+FP album would justify things even further from his movie career. Plus it'll be one of the best albums in the last decade.

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nah, i want Jeff to step up to the plate again. he was always at the background or not even involved and since Freakin It in none of his videos. We need some classic JJFP. Big Willy got old and lost his freshness. FP stands for some def rhymes and hiphop pioneer. Two turntables, a mic, 2 weeks and we'll have another He's The DJ.

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