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Convincing Will to rap again!


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I'm definitely in the mood for something new. I'm being reminded of how dope Lost + Found is. I put up a few music related pix. I changed the main pic on the page. If someone wants another one up, just change it. I just didn't feel that the 1993 Code Red pic was a proper default pic. The group is slowly getting momentum and we should be proud of how far we've gotten so far. I think it's time to update the info on the page but putting on more information in a more professional way. This thing is about to get huge!! This is a group effort. Let's get busy! We are the biggest fans on the web. We run this!!

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Another idea I have.. When we get to 500 members I'm gonna send out a message saying recuit more because when we get to a 1000 I'll give you a chance to hear some rare Will Smith music you may have never heard(link to the chosen one for example) and then do the same at 10, 000 members and 100,000

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I think we should also go to the most viewed WS/JJFP music videos on YouTube and post the link in a comment. It'll be spamming, but screw it LOL

I'll get cracking on some tomorrow, and upload Romano's video to my page as well, once I have his permission.

Also if anyone has a WS/JJFP related video, add the link Brakes posted in the description and add an annotation about it to the video.

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I'm getting this message now:

We're sorry, Causes is experiencing some downtime due to a power failure in our datacenter. We are working as hard as possible to get things back up and running smoothly as soon as we can.

To watch for updates, and learn more about what we do, check out http://exchange.causes.com

Sh!t! :hissyfit:

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