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Janet Hubert: "Will Smith owes me an apology!"


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Owes me an apology, lmao. sounds like she's trying to pimp her book, I would love to know what Will says to all this after all these years, gotta be annoying as hell, but I can see him saying something gracious. I wonder does she always sound the way she does in this interview? It's no wonder nobody wants to work with her.

“I heard that after I left the show, there were thousands of letters of support for me. But in order for them to let the show continue, they couldn’t let it be known that public opinion was going on my side. So Will went out on a nationwide smear campaign against me. And when someone coins you difficult… everybody knows the poison of that word. He went to all of our major markets and just obliterated me because he needed to win. At that time, Will was extremely competitive.”

did everybody miss this back in the day or just me?

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Excellent interview. I think she was a bit over dramatic at a place or 2 but this sounds like the accurate story from her point of view. She does need to let it go tho.' I don't see how publishing a book will do that. Writing that should have did it...not releasing it, but whatever. I hope she's done with it all after this. Her and FP really need to make up.

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Huh...she thinks people are going to feel sympathetic after all this time?

If she wanted to move on like she said she did, she could have easily MANY years ago. She probably wakes up every day blaming FP instead of living the life she has...

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Yeh this book wont help her move on, if anything its just bringing it back up again into the public eye. Something she apparently doesn't want.

Will was a young powerhouse of a man as far as the industry was concerned back then. So probably did let things go to his head abit, but i think things are always played outta proportion.

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Some of you guys get too eager to hate on her (or Will's ex-wife for that matter) because there's bad blood. She probably did get an unfair shake but if you watch that video you can tell that she really exaggerates things and that there's just some things she needs to move past without making a big deal about it by announcing what she's moving past.

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lmao. my problem with her? her story varies. on Will's E! THS there's an interview with her not too long after she had her son where she blames most of her attitude on the pregnancy and talks about how rude she was to people, and how that was probably a contributing factor. then she blames Will, then the producers, then the network....and honestly it sounds like she thinks somebody owes her something (besides and apology). c'mon a "national smear campaign"? what purpose would that serve if she's already gone from the show. and now she says:

“The real reason I left– it was a contractual thing. It was definitely inspired internally, but it was basically a case of my salary being cut by more than half. I was offered 10 weeks of work out of 27 weeks, and told that I couldn’t work anywhere else. How could I work with that? How was I supposed to survive? So I said no– and they didn’t re-negotiate. That was it. They didn’t come back and say, ‘Ok, how about 12 weeks?’ They just left it. It was as if they were saying, ‘Take this bone, lady.’”

c'mon lady which is it? just say you weren't happy they changed your character, and you were having financial issues b/c of it. To this day I laugh when I hear people go on and on about how the first "Aunt Viv" was better than the second one, uh yeah b/c they totally changed a lot about the character including smaller storylines and screentime. If so much blame is on the network what does that have to do with Will? he really had more pull than network execs back then? really?

While Hubert admits that there are times when it still hurts to re-live some of those past experiences, she certainly doesn’t come across bitter. Instead, she sounds like a woman desperate to move on with her life.---sure she doesn't.

"He went to all of our major markets and just obliterated me because he needed to win. At that time, Will was extremely competitive.”

I feel that Will owes me an apology. And I just want to know why– why he did the things he did? But I guess if he regretted it, he would reach out and apologise.”---melodrama at it's best

Both my father and my brother died with their names blemished, because of the things that people were saying about me. So I want my own name cleared. But I’m torn. Would it make me just as bad as Will to put something out there that would mean that his children would have to hear bad things about their dad?”---was it really that serious?

I'm not calling her a liar but have some consistency in your stories. I really don't see how writing and publishing a book, and promoting it is moving on, if anything it's just gonna stir up more drama, hopefully it works out for her and doesn't come back to bite her in the ass.

idk, who said anything about his ex, she's moved on with her life and remarried. really moved on. any past problems they had seem to have been resolved. it'll be interesting to see if Will ever has anything to say on this subject though.

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Thats pretty shocking, you'd think Janet would get over something that happened such a while back. Im sure FP and her will eventually resolve their problems. I personally believe contract issues was a small factor but her pregnancy was the main issue.

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