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Janet Hubert: "Will Smith owes me an apology!"


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i actually feel sorry for her, because she's got so much anger built up inside, its turning her into an irrationally psychotic woman, to some great degree,.. since she just couldn't let well enough be 'gone'. Trying to paint WS out to be some villian, is not a picture worth a second glance to fans that know more of his true nature outside character of FPOBA vs.- real life character. Hopefully she pulls it together, and face her own inner demons and cut the core of that anger/hatred/self pity/embarassment harbouring in her heart.

Love & Light

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I have bad feelings about this...


From her facabook:
Less than one month to my one woman show.
I have vowed to do this in memory of my dear friend Rob Larocco. Join me if you can, there will be blood.
November 29th with Joy Behar, that should be really interesting. She has some energy!

She also spoke about Will for this bull... French report.

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These interviews were really good. It looks like maybe she's done with the drama related to the show. Hopefully she just needed the projects that she worked on as a release for the bitterness of what happened. She is right about television lacking in variety. She is right about age and race discrimination. The things she said about FPofBA were honest and appropriate and to the point. I'm happy for her and hope that he show is successful.

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Tatyana Ali defends Will Smith in Aunt Viv ‘Fresh Prince’ feud
“It’s almost like remembering a divorce or something in your family. We were really close, and we cared for each other. We spent all day together every day,” Ali said. “Does Will have ego? [shakes her head no] He’s the same person he was the day I met him until now. So I don’t know where that came from. That was not my experience at all.”
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Hey, gosia, can you tell me what Janet's Facebook is? I found this audio about Janet doing what you said she did :lol:



it's https://www.facebook.com/#!/janet.hubert.79 (log in and than click on the link, it should work)

She says the next message is for Will but it will be an "olive branch"...

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