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The Dark Knight Sets A Record!


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The Dark Knight, which critics are calling the movie event of the year, has already broken a record. The Dark Knight will open in more theatres than any other movie in history. Come midnight on Friday it will bow in 4,366 theatres. The previous record belonged to Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End with 4,362.

The Dark Knight has already sold out in more than 700 theatres. It is expected that The Dark Knight will take in $120-130 million.

:2thumbs: :w00t:

BTW: In case you're wondering Will Smith's highest movie opening was Sharktale. It bowed in at 4,070 theatres. Hancock is second with 3,965 theatres.

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JOKER really made this movie, what a beautiful performance by Ledger. He should get an oscar nomination.

It was extremely emotional watching him portray the Joker, I couldn't get enough of him and wished he had more screen time.

By the way, it seems that TDK broke all kinds of box-office records. Amazing, 66 M OD, close to 160 OW in 3 days, wow.

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Dont worry Julie, Im not so much into this movie either. Im more excited bout watching wanted or get smart.. Im gonna see the dark knight when the thrill is gone...

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Two More Records For The Dark KNight!!!!

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight set 2 more records on Friday. With its $66.4 million opening, it broke the record for a single day total & it broke the record for an opening day.

While it's not expected to continue at that torrid pace throughout the weekend, The Dark Knight is still poised to take in over $125-130 million.

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Do u know what, i must be the only person in the world that isnt into this movie. i dont see what the big deal is.


Quick question for those who have seen the movie:

"Is 'TDK' a masterpiece?"

I haven't seen the movie, but...



#3 of the top 250 movies of all time...

Sure, it will drop from the top ten, prob. even from the top 20, but still... that's pretty impressive. This movie will blow all the other summer movies out of the water. I can't wait to see it! Next thursday 11 PM!

But it was nice to see HancocK again, like a little snack to make the hunger go away before the big meal (that sounded bad, but I couldn't come up with anything else)

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