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thought this was funny...


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diddy is someone who likes to impress the crowd a lot and i think he gets over the board atimes. he's a show off kinda guy with all his money. i think it was totally uneccessary to serve food on or with a naked woman, c'mon! well, will for what he is will surely make the joke light. but guys (not ladies), tell me what comes to mind when u see a nude woman and food served on her?
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]I guess that Will saw the air was thick, and he cut it. :kekeke: He seems like the type of guy to always want 2 help other ppl ease into a more comfort level in a setting like this, which he did by being the first to eat abit of fruit...hahaha NOw that would be a good picture for anew caption moment. Will would be like: aint no shame in my game, specially when im hungry. :kekeke: :thumb:

I wander what made PDiddy wanna do sumpthin 'different' like that anyways? Some ppl will do anything to try n make themselves stand out. lol

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