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  1. [quote]basically prince and DM took what kimmie had previously said and used them against her in an argument.[/quote] I think these acusations are truelly grotesk, and I believe you should apalogize to be and Prince, better yet extend that apology to the entire forum.
  2. Can someone delete Kimmies post please? this is now really going beyond proportions, its ok to be critical but you are just feeding hate into this forum. ps. And i acpect an apology
  3. lol, the anxiousness i had about it a while ago has drifted away now slowely :(
  4. [quote]Jazzy Julie Posted on Sep 29 2004, 09:54 AM   i think when we bring up topics such as race and religion, we can only expect for them to turn into arguments. [/quote] Could you now please stop insulting me? this is really going to far
  5. lmao its so refreshing to see a inteligent person that isnt myself post here :clap:
  6. [quote]Another strange post [/quote] Whats strange about it? being about an important topic?
  7. I still dont get what your problem with the pic is
  8. ya and so does this pic I found of you on the internet........... [img]http://www.westernpotatoes.com.au/images/nutrition-potato.gif[/img]
  9. [img]http://fhs.frankfort.k12.in.us/middle_school/old%20pictures/nurse.jpg[/img] THIS ONE IS COMING FOR YOU
  10. first of all I dont know what you mean Scond of all I still find you being verry offincive posting smilies that have their hands shaped like the devil.... Please stop mocking our religion ok? we dont mind that you dont believe then why attack us?
  11. this is one thing that really...i mean REALLY annoys the hell out of me! you can't go around on a public board expressing your opinion so strongly especially when its going to offend people. the thing i hate is prejudice. i'm a person who loves god. shows how immature you are if you think that offending people is funny. grow up. yeh was gonna say that, but the freedom of speech thing! just word your freedom speech carefully next time...
  12. What? Your saying God can't control the wind? NON BELIEVER!
  13. oh, ya i forgot about him, can I still add people to the list?
  14. wow jullie! we are both known as i.di.ot.s! that cant be a coincidance!
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