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  1. 1. Should Will Smith be honored at the next Hip Hop Honors

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe

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Exactly. Thats why i went for maybe. Looking at the acts that have been so far there is no reason why JJFP don't rank alongside a lot of them in terms of importance to the development of Hip-Hop

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Yeah it should be JJFP not Will Smith

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Word Ant1. HHH won't leave that out. No respecful & knowledgeable Hip Hopper would leave that out. It should definitely both Will AND Jeff. Will loves the spotlight. Jeff loves being behind the scenes. Together they were JJFP. Won the first rap grammy. And every different act was standing behind them. NWA, Public Enemy, LL, Salt n Pepa, etc. They have both done get things, together and separate. They won the grammy in '88 right. 10 years ago and then have them at Hip Hop Honors. Tim, work your magic and spread the word to get interviewers to keep asking "When will you guys clear your schedule so you can be at Hip Hop Honors?" They get tired of the same questions and then provide a thoro answer or action. We need to make that one annoying til they answer.

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I totally agree with you, folks. BOTH should be honoured. 'Cause they belong together. Who knows, maybe without Jazzy there wouldn't be no Fresh Prince today. And the other way round. It wouldn't be fair, to honour only one of them.

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