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"Seven Pounds" is next.


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Connor Cruise to Hit the Big Screen


Following in his parents' footsteps, Connor Cruise will make his film debut in the upcoming Will Smith drama Seven Pounds, PEOPLE has learned.

Connor, 13 – who has grown up around movie sets with mom Nicole Kidman and dad Tom Cruise – will play a young version of Smith in a very minor role. Even with such famous acting mentors in his corner, Connor had to audition for the part.

"Tom is so proud of Connor," says a source. "He's proud of him for really doing this on his own."

The Columbia Pictures film, which is still in production, also costars Woody Harrelson and Rosario Dawson.

– Elizabeth Leonard and Alexis Chiu

Source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20193895,00.html


I'm lost... Seven Pounds? I thought it was 'The Trial of Chicago 7'... :sipread:

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Thanks Ale for the news.

I don't know...I don't have nothing against Tom and least against his son but this is one more reason to some people coming back to say Will is an Scientologyst bla bla bla.

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Tom Cruises In for Connor's Contracts

It's a very risky business, after all.

It seems the casting of Tom Cruise's son, Connor, in the upcoming Will Smith movie Seven Pounds was even a surprise to costar Rosario Dawson—that is, until a certain Hollywood top gun showed up one day.

The actress tells E! News that while the story about Connor's involvement in the flick just went public a few days ago, she's known for quite some time, and recalls how she first found out.

"I think it's actually really funny. During rehearsals, Tom walks in, and I'm like, OK, I guess they're just having a visit," says Dawson.

"And then his son was there, and he's like, 'No, he's actually playing the younger version of Will, and he was there to sign his contracts. It was hilarious. And Tom was just like, 'Yeah, make sure you read the fine

print.' "

That's one lion looking out for his lamb.


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this movie looks good. And ya know what, Tom Cruise gets too much flack, he's not a crazy guy, he's not trying convert Will to Scientology, i think he gets a really bad rap for no reason, sure his actions may seem strange, but living the type of life of fame he has lived, i think his actions should not be that surprising.

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Woody Harrelson As A Blind Man


Blind Woody Harrelson

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - TUESDAY 15TH APRIL 2008. NON EXCLUSIVE: Woody Harrelson shooting scenes for his latest movie 'Seven Pounds'. Harrelson plays a blind pianist who appeared to be wearing contact lenses. He stayed in character in between scenes & was even seen holding a crew members arm as he crossed the road as if he really was blind.


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Exactly, it's like "The Pursuit of Happyness" where he also wore a suit for 90% of the movie. Maybe mr Muccino likes his men nicely and fashionably dressed;)

Comingsoon also posted this:


I don't get why they call it the "first look", maybe they should visit this forum more often and then they would see that we've had dozens of set pics way before:)

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I kinda have an idea as why he's wearing the same suit, and if I think it is what i'm guessing it should add a good emotional touch to his character.

Say it, Ty! Share it with us! :lolsign: :thumbsup:

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