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"Seven Pounds" is next.


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I kinda have an idea as why he's wearing the same suit, and if I think it is what i'm guessing it should add a good emotional touch to his character.

Say it, Ty! Share it with us! :lolsign: :thumbsup:

I'm probably wrong but

I think it's the same suit he wears when his wife dies, I think he looks at the suit as an emotional memory and cherishes it cause of those reasons. He's not willing to ''move on'' and the suit is part of that problem IMO.

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Will Smith Has Seven Pounds and Two Nominations

Will Smith was practicing his boxing moves with his co-star Rosario Dawson yesterday on the LA set of Seven Pounds. While he has been hard at work on his new movie, I Am Legend just scored two MTV Movie Awards one for Will as Best Male Performance and Best Movie. Otherwise, Juno and Superbad are leading the pack in the golden popcorn nominations — check out the full list over at Buzz. Maybe someday, Will's newest co-star, Connor Cruise will be up for an award of his own.





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I dont like that Dawson girl....

Me neither. I think she's nice in interviews but I don't find her pretty( not very important) and not an excellent actress. She was horrible in MIIB, her expression always was the same..

what is doing the time machine there????maybe it's just a cameo lol

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Ok, I just got my hands on the script for this and it was great. But, I have a few questions. I know they have probably changed the script a bit, but...

How do we know that Will is depressed after the death of his wife? In the script he was only trying to make up for the deaths of seven astronauts.

Is there a newer script available? The one I have is from 12-08-05.

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Connor Cruise on the set of 'Seven Pounds'

Tom and Katie and Suri! visited son Connor on the set of his upcoming film Seven Pounds yesterday.

The youngest thespian of the former Cruise-Kidman family was shooting in Hollywood, for his role as the young version of Will Smith's character Ben in the emotional drama.

Will plays an IRS agent depressed about his past, who sets out to make things right by helping strangers. Rosario Dawson also stars as Ben's love interest and Woody Harrelson plays a blind pianist who befriends Smith's character, Ben.

It's Connor Cruise's first turn at acting, though he's already booked a role in the Aaron Sorkin-scripted, Steven Spielberg-directed The Trial of the Chicago 7, now in pre-production. Not bad!


More pics here: http://x17online.com/celebrities/connor_cr...ie-05142008.php

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