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"Seven Pounds" is next.


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Will Smith Works on Those Seven Pounds

Will Smith showed off those guns while splashing around on the set of Seven Pounds in LA yesterday. In the film Will plays a guy who "falls in love while attempting to kill himself." The lucky lady is Rosario Dawson who was also his co-star in Men in Black 2. Will may be able to score box office gold with his action packed blockbusters, but this film reunites him with his Pursuit of Happyness director so maybe this is Will's ticket to Oscar gold considering it will be in theaters before the year ends.



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If he wants to show his muscles. I don't care lol

Maybe he tries to kill himself on the beach 'coz he can't swim hahahaha

I don't have nothing against Rosario Dawson, I like her, but I hope she makes a better job than in MIIB, her acting wasn't very good.

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Will Smith is the new Mr Muscle

WILL SMITH is no stranger to bulking up for film roles.

He transformed himself into a heavyweight boxer for Ali, for which he received an Oscar nomination.

And now he's pushed his body to the limit for latest movie, Seven Pounds.

The plot sees Will's character change the lives of seven strangers.

One look at his toned-up frame, he probably convinced them to head to the gym and work on their six packs.



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