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"Seven Pounds" is next.


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I agree. They're jerking people around a little bit. They have 5 months till the movie opens out and I'm guessing that apart from guys and girls on this forum not a lot of people are even aware of this movie at this point. They were a few on set pictures and videos but so much stuff with other movies happening since then (like the buzz around the Dark Knight - which I'm seeing today...hooray!!!) "7 pounds" is completely under the radar.

Who's the boss around here? Radewart, TopDawg, MissAshley - pull some strings, put your top men to work on the subject so we can find out ANYTHING, c'mon ;)

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Interview with Gabriele Muccino about 'Seven Pounds'

Does anyone know Italian? :lolsign:


just ran it trough google translator... not a great translation, but you can understand the text now anyway...

A Hollywood Gabriele Muccino ago decidedly good tan and in perfect physical shape thanks to frequent trips on the beach in Santa Monica, and his second American film, Seven Pounds, again starring Will Smith (with whom he had done research of happiness), which seems to emerge as another success for Sony Pictures. He has conducted in Los Angeles the pilot episode of a TV series and is producing with his Indiana Productions a project Pavarotti and a film in English with Alessandro Gassman, Four Fathers, the story of four Italians who came to New York to love that stay close to children are forced to stay when divorce from their wives.

Filmed in Los Angeles where Muccino is working on post production, Seven Pounds is, in the words of the director, "A film completely different from everything that I did before. A nice challenge." In the cast, alongside Will Smith are Rosario Dawson, with him already in Men in Black 2 and Woody Harrelson. But even Conor Cruise, adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The history of film?

"In my opinion, has similarities with 21 Grams is the story of a man of success, wealthy, a man who lightly distraction and lived a peaceful life and also very happy that in a serious car accident, killing by mistake, seven people , Including his girlfriend. Enters into a tunnel of depression from which manages to escape only with a plan perverse as crowds, and that is to kill and donate his organs to 7 people. The problem is that ultimately love the person to whom must donate her heart. It follows a stora tragicissima of love between Will Smith and Rosario Dawson, and also very exciting. The title, Seven Pounds (seven pounds), refers to seven people, seven souls, seven bodies, seven weights. "

A story original?

"Yes, the writer was inspired by the story of a NASA employee who felt responsible for the explosion of the Shuttle in which seven astronauts died, costruendoci over a fictitious plot. Sony had offered to Will not felt to do so; is only when I showed interest too that Will has accepted. So all we have entered into a frighteningly ambitious, dangerous, slippery, is a particular film and even difficult, but the power of history for me was such that the danger of 'undertaking not frightened me enough, indeed there are tuffato me inside. "

What had caused the accident?

"Mandava a message on my phone ... a trivial mobile. One thing that particularly here in Los Angeles does it. But could be any city in the world. The film is the journey of a man who can not live with the guilt of have taken away the lives of seven people and then feel that they have lost the sense of their lives. But his soul is redeemed by an act of love that brings on a different existential, starts off an act of love that the it helps to hear him live to believe that his life was not useless. I think the film has a tragic romance and a crazy, which is why I wanted to come into this adventure. Anyway is a film that I did not never seen before, and very true. "

In the sense that it is also realistic?

"Altroché! To prepare the film I spent a lot of time in operating rooms and I attended surgeons to better understand the world of transplants. 'Incredible how many people alive today thanks to a heart transplant, a kidney, liver, or a piece of lung. The transplant of a heart is a miraculous and almost religious which I never thought I would not have to assist ...".

It has seen one?

"Yes, next to the surgeon, live. To be transplanted the heart must beat again, when you take from the donor. When you bring in the body of the person who receives it, ricuciono the arteries, the blood enters the heart inanimate, and he call to fly alone, without any electrical impulse or external aid. It colors, from gray becomes increasingly red, to beat irregularly then finds its rhythm ... Truly, there seems to be the hand of God, I was moved ".

As was to return to work with Will Smith?

"Will has changed as an actor than the search for happiness, a story with which somehow him, that poverty has really known, was very identified. In this movie we have had to invent a character completely mentally disturbed, desperately obsessed by the need to help others. I Will we closed in a room for five weeks to read and understand the script, to meet specialists. We discovered day after day that this was not only a film, but a story of many people. The character is very deep and very noble and Will has been able to take it on the screen so amazing. "

He also toured the scene of?

"Yes, just like the Americans! I finally understood how to make flying machines, put us under two guns with the explosive! Course guide stuntman, which often die. It is not like in Italy where we use ramps, here the macchiNe explode own. In our case, the stuntman was 45 minutes without knowledge resume after the jump, and we literally destroyed five years'60 Corvette! But experience has been incredible film, and despite having to shoulder a study like Columbia I think I have made the film with the independent spirit of European cinema. "

Continue to follow the Italian cinema?

"Of course, and finally I see that something is moving. Finally not feel the lack asfissiante of lightness and unconscious in the cinema, un'autoreferenza who claimed to be an author who for years has impolverato the Italian scene. I have always Paolo Virzì loved, and I consider Matteo Garrone and Paolo Sorrentino two artists, and others will be outside, have a freshness and an expressive courage that so many other writers and directors in Italy did not, and that finally begins to emerge. "

Some people say that Gomorrah and Il Divo export both a model of negative, the face of corrupt country. What do you think?

"This is a deja vu when Andreotti said in'44, with regard to Neorealism," the dirty clothes to be washed at home. "Vergognarsi of our cinema is hypocritical. Vergogniamoci of our bad governments, the real mafia, not the movie that tells . Cinema is art and everything that disturbs us is right to be told.

I think this movie can be really good. I hope so anyway... Could be better than POH... As long as Akiva Goldsman stays far away from the movie, it will be fine :)

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I think this movie can be really good. I hope so anyway... Could be better than POH... As long as Akiva Goldsman stays far away from the movie, it will be fine :)

I agree! :lolsign:

Thanks for the translation viber! :thumbsup:

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Seven Pounds, Movie Preview


Owning the month of July apparently isn't enough for Smith, who's slowly looking to claim another whole page of your calendar. Two years, nearly to the day, after his Oscar-nominated performance in Muccino's The Pursuit of Happyness, the director and star are teaming up again for another December inspirational drama. This time, Smith plays Ben Thomas, a suicidal IRS agent who finds meaning and love — with a terminally ill woman (Dawson) — after co-opting his brother's identity. The megastar and the Italian director ''are like brothers,'' says Ealy (Never Die Alone), who plays Ben's mysterious brother. ''They play-fistfight all the time.''

Our Two Cents:

Don't bet against Smith, in the play-fistfight or at the holiday box office. 12/12


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This is going to be one of those movies that makes me wanna cry and I have to be in the cinema fighting against it!!!!

I'm afraid the movie will be released a feww months later here than in the US :-(

Where is the Trailer?????

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