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this a great track..very jazzy jeff n fresh prince..with jeff cuttin and scratchin all the samples for the chorus.. and wills 1st verse is one of his best.. i wished he'd done 3 verses though..and kept kel off the track..its too good a track 2 waste it! :switch:
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I love Will's flow in this track.. It's on the same level of Just kickin it!!!

no care for what it costed
had to ease up though
her wrists got frost bit
my style flavour delivery
my addiction
gettin medieval like do in pulp fiction....

I adore these verses!!!!!!!! :thumb:
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This song is alright...reminds me of "From Da South"...lol. My fav verses are...

"Gangsta hardcore menace to society
Rap's all the same my pen spits variety"


"I was in the game before publishing was an issue
Your platinum now, but next year I'm gonna miss you
Mad rappers like bad actors should have no parts
Wanna be mad check the charts"
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sup y'all..
ya that's definetly a great album..Will did great by workin with Kel in da song, and
he should have done a third verse right after kel rapped..But it's all good since he did his own thing

aight guys,peace
[b]Word Life[/b]
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When FP 1st started heavily recording for this upcoming album, Kel Spencer waz involved in the process of putting some of the songs 2gether. I'm assuming they are still cool and working 2gether.

I think "Uuhhh" is a dope track, but unlike most people, i loved it at 1st and now i prefer half of the trax on the album over it. I like hearing him put other rappers in their place...but he's been doing that for 18 years so it's nothing new 2 me. I think the ideas and sounds of the other trax just make them better than this. I'm sure the original idea waz 2 keep it pretty simple tho.' Kel Spencer is just what the track needs tho' (in my opinion). Like i said, we heard FP do trax like this b4, so Kel Spencer adds that new flava of an upcoming, intellegent, hungy emcee which fits right on the song.
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Nah its not the same guy!!! That guy i think was called Kel Mitchell. The Kel Spencer in the song I think his real name is Lennie Bennet!! He works on alot of stuff with Will.

LOVE the song!! I think it was just right!! Straight spitting!!

"Oh, you don't see my name, don't see my spot
Here's a hint, look closer to the top!"
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