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diddy's new video


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I love Diddy's new single with Christina, his new album got some bangers on it too, people basically just seemed to write him off though since he put out so much watered down music before that they won't give it a listen, basically all the criticism got to him and he finally put in work to make a decent album but he really didn't care if this album didn't sell, he just wanted people to respect him when he released this album, sounds familar to what somebody else we know very well said when he released his album last year, perhaps maybe FP's "Lost and Found" motivated him since he follows him so much

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I found a super cheap used copy of the album. With all those guests like Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, Christina Aguilera, and so on...i had 2 get it for that price. I do think his stuff is watered down and never 2 be taken for anything serious...but i do like about half of the songs. Most of the lyrics are very basic...but this time around he's not really trying 2 be hard or as flashy. So i do agree that there are some good songs on it. But i really don't like this song. Puffy is awful and the beat is crappy (sorry, Jus Blaze)...but Christina rocks it.

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those speakers aren't half bad. But if you know your Bang & Olufsen this vid is kinda silly. first of he should have used the BeoLab 5 speakers, strong enough to move their own weight, that would make it more believeble. ofcourse no speakers can move your furniture but anyway...guess he couldn't afford them. another fun thing is he uses the B&O controller, got B&O DVD player and speakers, but that TV... just some cheap copy. wonder how he made that controller work, probably some other guy behind the couch with another remote.

Diddy also got that all white room just like B&O had in their pictures a couple of years ago, but in Wills movie the room looks like in this years B&O commercials..

Beeing a B&O fan i love that Will uses it so much (Bad boys 2, hitch, switch, partystarter) and he uses it in the way its supposed to be used. discrete elegance, he just use it, not filming it the whole video to show off.

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