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  1. cool man theres a cd store that sells rare records usually underground but I'll see if i can cop a few there
  2. alright I gotta wait for them to callback to let me know what type it is then I'll let you know alright thanks so much girl
  3. lol thanks they aint selling they giving it to us. and its not that serious of a mange ill find out an post it.
  4. I have no clue if any of you will know the answer to this but. We are thinking of getting a ****zu only problem is it has Mange, the dog is only 8 months old and mage isn't that serious. So i was wondering ya'll opnions on this!
  5. wish I could find them on there somewhere!
  6. lol its just something to have fun with Ya'll it'll be on in approx 5-6 mins
  7. I'll make one soon if i get the time so sign up and stick around
  8. there ya go Vote ya fav tracks Before 10pm tonight vote
  9. so far the list is boogie down productions- bridge is over mariah carey Ft. jermaine dupri - shake it off ll cool j - feel the beat rev. run -mind on the road the game- Dreams redman- rush the sercurity lil kim last day cassidy- can't fade me 112 - you already know will smith -party starter will- just the 2 of us will- tell me why
  10. ok keep em comin people i need the list by tonight Ya'll i'll play the show at roughly 10pm my time currently its 11:43
  11. alright well what you think should be on that list so far we got mariah carey-shake it off Ft. jermaine duprir
  12. thanks Ya'll i been workin alot on my rhymes right now so its good to get feed
  13. Verse1: I know so many people, that have so many problems. they work togather as a family so that they can solve-em. i got cousin's an aunt's i never knew till i called-em an now i'm sittin back like a witch wit my couldrin but on the real its my note book what i rap-in rap sucks now but who knew it would happen I'm stuck here in the car, mom tell me to strap-in cause she wants to keep me safe, so i sneeze in a napkin. i tell you i got mad love for my mom's an pop's cause they the one who said "he aint did it" to the cops they the ones sayin keep goin an don't stop don't let ya hip-hop, turn into stupid pop, or that rock or other music, that you aint supposed to an don't turn people down just if they appose you stay with the ones that your close to cause if they chose you, then you got someone to go to. lies are a part of life you do it when you sleep wake up an you creep, an ya wife knows you cheat. but without that certain leap, you can't respect it. if you don't make a move, then don't expect it. Chorus: (x2) this is more then muuu-ss-ick, i tend to uuu-sse-it as a form of life, but i can't abuuu-ss-it "i been workin my ass off just tryna play it safe, so I know its a hit when i step up to the plate" Verse2: I make moves, that take you's, to a whole new level I'm a diverse artist, so just don't call me the devil I'm god, I'm an angel, I'm heaven I'm earth I aint play the part, but to the game its what I'm worth. now don't get it twisted I aint sayin I'm god I'm sayin I'm a legand like Will, jay-z, an pac. if you take what i give, then I'mma take what you got cause I'm one of the only rappers aint sayin I'm hot your not, an i expose-it, till it gets to my toe-its so cold-its, fro-zen, to bits on the floor if i say it once i aint gon say it no more but if i take it from the core, they aint gon play it no more? what, i ask you what happen to hip-hop? cause i swear right now it seems like its-lost. it-costs so much just to give up ya dream. an i tell you right now it aint easy being me. but the way things seem, i should just give up. i move up, but when will i be good enough ( you heards me) Chorus: (x2) this is more then muuu-ss-ick, i tend to uuu-sse-it as a form of life, but i can't abuuu-ss-it "i been workin my ass off just tryna play it safe, so I know its a hit when i step up to the plate"
  14. ok well everyweek on Friday night i wanna do a show on the radio called "Blazin big 10" so i need ya'll help to make this work. everyweek i need ya'll to post here with the date and your top 10 songs. I will play check the numbers see how they stack and play the tracks in order from 10-1 alright. I NEED YA'LL HELP AND SAY ON THIS ONE RIGHT HERE!
  15. Starting October 28, Mos Def and Talib Kweli, also known as Black Star, will team up for the Breed Love Odyssey tour. Sponsored by PlayStation, the tour will also include Pharoahe Monch and Jean Grae. Mos Def is set to release his next solo LP early next year while Talib Kweli will drop his solo effort 'Right About Now' November 22. Here are the Breed Love Odyssey tour dates: Oct. 28: Sacramento, Calif. (Memorial Auditorium) Oct. 29-30: San Francisco (Mezzanine) Oct. 31: Santa Cruz, Calif. (Catalyst Club) Nov. 3: Los Angeles (Gibson Amphitheatre) Nov. 4: Anaheim, Calif. (House of Blues / 2 shows) Nov. 5: San Diego (House of Blues / 2 shows) Nov. 6: Las Vegas (House of Blues) Nov. 7: Phoenix (Marquee Theatre) Nov. 10-11: Denver (Ogden Theatre) Nov. 12: Albuquerque, N.M. (Sunshine Theatre) Nov. 13: Austin, Texas (Stubbs BBQ) Nov. 14: Houston (Warehouse Live)
  16. yeah man cool. 9 yr. old damn thats coo haha she got the concept right
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