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  1. Andy: Theres a Bug on the back of ya neck! Serena: Wait What The Hell are you doing with that racket!!
  2. thats great Tim thats a big accomplisment, its hard to really get a forum going man! and to actually have people posting and arguing about topics on a forum is an accomplishment I.E. if you look at the WS board that aint a "forum" thats more of an ugly "chat"
  3. you should put in there NO RACIAL COMMENTS
  4. cool nice update man! i was wondering when ya'll were onna get thoes back up :dope:
  5. oh ok nvm i'm dumb haha BTW nice title "artile in popcorn" it makes me laugh haha :lolsign:
  6. would ya'll pray that my mom lets me get the internet back please! i know its a dumb thing to ask but
  7. haha thats halarious lol but true^^
  8. makes sence did it say the date of the vactation because the popcrn could have been outdated?
  9. cool man nice reviews yeah the Bowow album is pretty good i like the songs "big dream" and "do you" and i have heard some of the backstreet boy album and its ok all the other reviews are on point homie!
  10. well man my friend once said to me that "what you head says is the devil speaking, what your heart says is what you belive and what god has chosen for you" iono its your choice to fallow that or not but iono man
  11. haha yeah their good eh? but yeah man imma do this album and hit yall back with it
  12. haha maby you should check FuQ and Brakes dey got some hot Tracks man
  13. iono try signing up again! but anyways ---------BACK ON TOPIC----------- I lvoe her movie THE LADIES MAN :dope: haha its the best funniest movie ever!
  14. oh sick man i did see your avy!! mah bad haha, I'm part spanish Well Columbian spanish im 2/4ths
  15. yeah man thanks I'll post it here when I get my internet back! show ya'll my stuff :dope:
  16. ahahaahahaha thats a good one man :lolsign: nice one there... but eyah imma be working on my album in the mean time see where i can get with that going
  17. yeah man hopefully i get back soon Ya'll my fam :dope: but cya yoh
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