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  1. meh, BWS sold over 9 million and WW sold over 2 Million, i think this is a big reason he hasnt made any new music.
  2. u can't blame them for wanting to do a sequel. The movie made half a billion world wide
  3. loyal to ur pepole. 20 plus years and they're still tight
  4. Damn that's alot of money.... Id take 10 grand and be happy
  5. It was nice... I couldn't do any better :)
  6. Its a sign for him to get back into music
  7. I heard the beat to Summertime durning the halftime show of a collage bball game a couple weeks ago.
  8. The dudes made half a billion dollars by cheating... He just signed a 10 year 300 million dollar contract. This sends a bad message to kids out there.
  9. I never go to the movies anymore, its a waste of money when i can find them online teh day after they come out
  10. The demo is sick, game of the year.
  11. Thats cool, there should be a thread where people can post all Live shows.
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