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  1. "You know how spit goes down the wrong way??? thats what happened" ha
  2. MEH doesnt look that exicting
  3. It ain't the clothes that you're wearin' Your perfume or the sytle that that your hair's in It ain't your body, how slim your waist is Your new jeans and how pretty your face is But I feel funny when it close pack sillity Make it wonder what's gettin' in to me It's just something about you The way you do the things you do
  4. Word, nice interview. even though im not a fan of mr oriely
  5. Ha i was thinking the same way, a buddy of mine has ur avatar picture as his facebook picture.
  6. I got the first season for christmas, and i love it.
  7. I know theres 1000 kisses and nod ya head, but are there anyother music videos from the CD?
  8. Ya i dont see us getting out of this, this could take all 4 of Obama's years to get us out of the gutter.
  9. I liked this album, not as much as lost and found but i still enoyed it.
  10. It was a little something, but i enjoy listening to mr niceguy
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