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  1. Shaq and Him went 1, 2 in the draft way back in the day. THe sports world needs more men like Alonzo
  2. This show is the greatest show on televison. Whos all keeping up with the show? Personally I still think Tony is a bad guy, just a gut feeling.
  3. Nothing on my mind is an amazing song but it wasnt released on the american CD why??
  4. Looking foward to Eminem's CD. but this song is meh
  5. This game is suppose to be the "HALO" for the ps3, anyone going to get it?
  6. So ya i got the freaking it single wit holla back on it, the jap versions of born to reign and lost and found and the I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) single.
  7. Are you getting back to making music anytime? :( http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/stlog/200...arack_obama.php
  8. SO im going to buy some CD's. I know that I need to buy a speical Lost & Found CD to get a couple of songs, and there is a Speical Born To Reign CD with an extra song. Are there anymore CD's like that???
  9. Never. But I have some money saved up in case he ever goes on tour again.
  10. Lost and Found was Will's best "solo" album IMO.
  11. I enjoyed this movie more then The Dark Knight.
  12. I think he will run for president someday.
  13. I dont see him succeeding. Our country is in trouble and we elected a man with no experience to solve our problems. I hope I'm wrong.
  14. I hope he comes out with a new album, At least he needs to go on tour again. Even if it's with his older music.
  15. I looked on EBAY but im really dont wana spend 20 bucks on a cd that I already have.
  16. Anyone have a link to where i can listen to this song?
  17. Tell Me Why, A strong song with a strong message.
  18. I was looking for a Will Smith one based on his music career. Thanks for the welcome!
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