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  1. i like em and i am not white but i wont start that em argument again, k-fed is garbage
  2. i agree he is nothing more than a hype man
  3. i'm sorry but lil john has never made a wack beat not a good mc but he is great at beat making
  4. i see but i disagree with g-unit they are talented all of them are i know i am outnumberred in thinking that but thats ok
  5. snoops cool but he raps about what every rapper who's gangsta or supposed to raps about women, cars weed etc, been there done that
  6. evrybody's commercial if they weren't they wouldn't be selling records period
  7. i would disagree he still disses them everyt chance he gets so immature
  8. That's usually how most people think when they sell out for money. As I've said before, 50 is not serious about hip-hop. It's his hustle. He uses it to make money. He's not trying to make a difference in his music like Common or deadprez. So he could a rat's a$$ about respect and responsibility. Exactly. And its not even his fault that he sells. It seems like 5 Million peeps love what he does. Dont blame him, blame the stupid kids out there.. 50`s just earning the money. i wouldn't say that he just happens to put out good music well to me anyways, i loved how the filter said wack rapper #1 even though i like him i thought that was funny :3-laugh3:
  9. 50 is not wack but wessyde is right this is about the cover of a mixtape and bart 5 its a matter of opinion about which hip hop is good so rememebre that please, and in ansewr to wessyde even though i like 50 that is a stupid cover
  10. aj respect but i definently disagree with you about 50 he is a talanted artist no matter what any on this board says but at the same time i respect evreyones opinion because that's all it is is people's personal preference. 50 does rap like his power of a dollar days on the mixtape and the mixtape is actually off the hook the songs rock plain and simple
  11. lol sorry i called jj a rapper but he is talented
  12. Don't know if this has been done before but just wondering since evryone complains about certain rappers who are your favorite or favorites heres mine will smith 50 cent g-unit aftermath artists jazzy jeff busta rymes ice cube c-bo brotha lynch hung luniz mac dre e-40 click game celly cell
  13. Thats the funniest thing I've read in a while! :rofl: :damnyou: We must not have been listening to the same albums! i would have to disagree you don't sell millions without being good, but to each is own
  14. all eminem albums were good , you got to evolve and cant stay the same all the time thathats like asking for the return of the 80's when we have accomplished so much this year with talented people
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