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  1. Works fine for me too! Lookin' good! :2thumbs:
  2. That was a beautiful song Joe, this would sound great as audio!
  3. Wow, that was really good Tim! I like it a lot! :2thumbs:
  4. I couldn't help it, I just had to put it up. I found that link on another forum and I just couldn't help but think of lerkot, lol.
  5. That's awesome Brakes, I love it! Can't wait to hear the full version!! :2thumbs:
  6. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/15062006/80-132/l...d-survives.html
  7. Very nice storytelling! Good job Joe! :2thumbs:
  8. ...or else this could happen to you!! :lolsign:
  9. Thanks for this, as well as the other stuff you uploaded in this forum Tim! :2thumbs:
  10. I think that was put up here a while ago, I think the number was in the insert of AITC. Too bad it doesn't work anymore. Thanks for the vid tho!
  11. That's awesome, I'm gonna pick that up!
  12. Happy birthday!! Hope it's a fun one!! :wiggle:
  13. That was beautiful Joe. I love it! :2thumbs:
  14. :word: That was deep, and very emotional! These are always the best songs. Very nice song man!! :2thumbs:
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