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  1. About the whole Shaggy/Will Smith thing, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince wrote a song on "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper" called "As We Go" and Shaggy sang a remake with that song and it's called "Luv Me, Luv Me."
  2. Will Smith is a smart man. He would never turn his back against Jada. They love each other and they would never cheat on each other. Heck, that's why they're married! If something were going on, I'm sure it would be on the entertainment news, not just here at this messageboard. So there's nothing to freak out about.
  3. That is an awesome idea! I would by them all on the first day (that is if i had enough money). I really hope they so something like that! That would be so cool!!! :jazzyinthehouse: Yay for JJFP!!!
  4. The thing I wonder about that Alison girl is if she wasn't excited to win the contest, why did she enter??? :confused: It's supposed to be the REAL FANS who enter!! Looks like they got a lot of new smileys on the board :thumb:
  5. Have you ever noticed that Jazz always wears sunglasses on every episode? I can't think of an episode when he wasn't wearing sunglasses...weird, huh? :kool:
  6. Also in the episode when Will is gonna be on a game show and he has to choose between Jazz and his other friend (what was his name??) And Will's friend is like "If you had to choose one of us to be your partner..." and Jazz says "Speaking hypodermically.." instead of hypothetically! That was so funny! :roll: :kekeke:
  7. Yeah I'm excited for the summer! Here in Utah we had a mild winter, not too much snow, and we were hitting 50 degrees in February, so the warm weather is comin' fast! I love the "Summertime" song. Even in the winter it puts me in a good mood. That is one of my all time favorite songs! YAY FOR SUMMERTIME!!! :switch: :thumb:
  8. The thing I wonder is who was taking all the pictures? It's almost like it's a setup or something... :what:
  9. I love Jada's sunglasses in the 2nd picture! They are so cool! I want them!! :bounce:
  10. These are some awesome pix of Will, Jada, and his kids. His kids are SO CUTE!! Take a look! http://www.hollywood.com/celebs/photogalle...av/3/id/2400433
  11. I saw that episode, but I read it anyway. It was funny! :kekeke: I also loved seeing Hitch! It was DA BOMB! :rock:
  12. I have a feeling that the new album is gonna be like !!!BOOM!!! the first day! It's gonna be awesome seeing a new kind of hip hop in the world! THANKS WILL FOR BRINGING BACK THE GIFT OF TOTALLY AWESOME HIP HOP!! U R DA BOMB!!!! :switch: :switch: :switch:
  13. Anyone who has seen Will Smith in person has to be the luckiest perosn in the world!!!!! I live in Utah, U.S. When will he ever come here??? :dunno: ]
  14. Any scene when Jazz is thrown out of the house and he's like "Not again!" That is hilarious! I also like the one when he marries that ex-convict in Will's house! But I like all the "Jazz" scenes. They are all funny! :kekeke:
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