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  1. Awesome dude, totally 90's!! :lolsign: :2thumbs:
  2. Not gonna be able to make it, I'm going to my grandma's for mother's day...
  3. That was beautiful Joe, you're really expressing yourself in this one. Very nice man! :2thumbs:
  4. Alright here's how this game works... I'll describe a picture of Will and/or Jeff, and the next person finds it and puts in in their post. Then they'll describe another picture, and the next person will find that picture and describe another one, etc. This is a good way to see some cool pictures that some of us maybe haven't seen before. I'll start with an easy one: Find a picture of Will wearing a necklace that says "Fresh Prince"
  5. Have an awesome birthday Lerkot!! :wiggle: :2thumbs:
  6. Cool news! I think the cover is better than the past ones! The seasons are coming out pretty fast now!
  7. Nice to have you back man. What's your book about?
  8. Very cool Tim, I liked that! :2thumbs:
  9. :word: That's one hell of a car right there!! That's insane!!
  10. That's a tough decision, but I'm gonna go with Jeff.
  11. Happy birthday, glad it was a good one for ya! :2thumbs:
  12. Yeah there's tons of copyrighted stuff on youtube. I guess you were the lucky one, lol.
  13. I think going to Def Jam could onlt help Will, I don't see any problems with it. He could get a lot more promotion that way, and possibly work with LL!
  14. Congratz man! And in this Corner is a great album! :2thumbs:
  15. Very cool Tim!! But why do we have the Atk Shop and Giulds links at the top of the screen, if they don't work? Also, is there any chance at getting the radio back?
  16. :word: Ya gotta record something Tim!
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